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OMG First of all they were tears of sadness but now tears of joy! I'm doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Laurie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So happy to hear the news! Good luck and keep us posted.
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YAY !!!!!!!!!
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What a relief Laurie!!!! Thank goodness! So, it sounds like she is going to be OK? I do hope you can bring her home tonight. Poor little girl.
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Oh happy dance! Laurie that is great news! I'm tearing up here with happiness. Now, lets focus those vibes on healthy lungs for Flowerbelle.
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Now.... To get her recovered 100%!!!!! Continuing to send positive prayers ur way to DARLING Flowerbelle!

If u bring her home tonite, pls take pics and share with us! HANG in there..
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What a relief!!! I'm SO happy it isn't FIP!!! (((HUGS))) but this time it's happy hugs!
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That is great news!!! Woohoo!!!!
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Oh, I'm so happy it's not FIP! I'm glad I checked in to find an update on her. I hope the vet figures out what the problem is now and that the little darling starts feeling better soon.
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Woo hoo!!!!!! I have tears too! I love my cats so much, but these feral rescues are really special. And you are special people too, to be able to give so much and have so many worries! Here's hoping for a smooth recovery for baby Flowerbelle.
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What a huge relief that it's not FIP! I was so worried for Flowerbelle AND your other cats!

I pray that she's better soon
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I am also so very glad it's not FIP. And let's keep sending those good thoughts, those hugs and kisses, those warm fuzzies, those prayers. Flowerbelle deserves the best!
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I'm so glad that it's not FIP, but will be sending good vibes your way for Flowerbelle!!!

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yay! That is such great news
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I'm so happy Flowerbelle doesn't have FIP and is coming home!
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OMG I almost miss this thread . I am praying for the sweet little girl . Bless your heart you are going through a lot with her (((( HUGS ))))
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good for Flowerbelle!!

:flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:
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Oh Laurie, I am so relieved! As I logged on to send a few emails, I just had to find out how the little sweetheart is. I hope she recovers quickly from whatever is the problem.
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oh boy.... my heart nearly popped out when i read thru the thread... oh boy..thank god that she's FIP negative... i'll pray that she's gonna be ok and without pain and sickness for the rest of the time... she's gonna have many happy long years with u guys...
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I am just now seeing this and had tears in my eyes. I was scanning ultra fast through all the vibe posts to find out if she was okay. I'm so thankful she doesn't have FIP and I will continue to pray for that little angel. (((((HUGS)))) to you, Gary, and Flowerbelle.
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Thank goodness it isn't FIP! I will keep sending healing vibes to little Miss Flowerbell as she still has a lot to get thru! She has been thru so much I know she can get thru this.
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OK - here's the latest.

Flowerbelle did not get to come home Thursday night, she got to come home yesterday afternoon (Friday). They wanted to wait for some of the cultures they'd sent out to come back. But there are two more pending - should be in this weekend or Monday.

She has stitches in her eye again (of course). We have to put in drops three times a day. She HATES it!!!!

As a matter of fact, she is such a feisty struggler, they had to sedate her at the vet to get blood samples.

There is NO sign of parasites in her, period.

HOWEVER - it appears that the parasitic pneumonia caused tissue damage in her lungs that then allowed a bacterial infection. She received her antibiotics via injection at the vet - we have to pill her twice a day.

We have learned how to wrap a cat. (Which, I've learned, is actually dangerous. If not done properly, it can really hurt the cat).

The vet says the other two cultures still pending will give him more detail about whether or not she's on the right antibiotics, but she isn't contagious and this should clear up with this course of meds!!!!!
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She sure has had a rough time of it. I know you're looking forward to the time, when she will be 100% again. The poor little darling.
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Laurie, I'm so happy it is something that can be worked through with antibiotics. She's such a little angel, except when she needs her meds I think.
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Hurray that she doesn't have FIP!!!!! Will the tissue damage to her lungs going to be a chronic problem or is she beyond that now?

I've never heard of "wrapping" a cat before - my vet might have done it but never shared with me. Care to share the benefits of it, when you would do it and generally what it entails?
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I remember when I had to give Nakita eye drops right after her spay operation. It was not fun, and I totally know how such a small package can be very fiesty!

The best way we found was to have Rob hold Nakita and put her back to his stomach, and I would tilt her head up and put the eye drops in while he held her. I wasn't very successful, but we somehow lived through it. I'm dreading the day I have to medicate Nakita again, because now she is twice the weight!

I think I'll have to come down & visit that little one soon, because her fighting spirit is making me melt!
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That is wonderful news! That poor little girl has been through so much. Thank goodness it wasnt FIP and that it can be treated pretty easily!!! Now if only her eye would heal up!
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