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NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! (re: Flowerbelle)

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Flowerbelle has continued to have a long, deep cough, which was ascribed to the parasitic pneumonia. She has this cough two to four times a day. But she was on a regimine of Strongid-t and Panacur, her last dose of Panacur was last week (Tue), and her last dose of Strongid-t was to be yesterday, with one dose administered last Wednesday. When she was still coughing last Thursday, we called her vet. He said the Panacur is a "slow, penetrating" kind of poison, and to let it do its work.

Her left eye was starting to film over again, so we were worried about that too.

Saturday she still sounded bad - and seemed to have trouble catching her breath when coughing. We called the vet. Because she was eating healthy amounts, drinking a lot, and VERY active like a normal kitten, the tech suggested waiting until Monday when the vet who has been treating her was back in, although he had no appointments available all week.

We called Monday AM, and they squeezed us in to see her vet right away, and we dropped everything and rushed over there.

There were no worms or eggs in her feces, and she didn't cough while there.

BUT an exam of her left eye revealed ulcers again - the inner lid was curling in again. He said she really needed surgery on the eye again ASAP (actually, there's an interesting article in October's Cat Fancy about cat's eyes) in order to prevent permanent damage to her cornea. When he did the first surgery, he did warn us that this may happen, so this did not take us by surprise.

The earliest he could do it was yesterday.

So we dropped her off yesterday morning, and she received the surgery yesterday late afternoon. She is recovering fine.

But, obviously, because of our concern about the cough, they took X-rays again.

Her lungs looked "twice as bad" as when she was in before.

They took biopsies for exam & culture. He ran through a short list of problems it could be, but he did mention that we should be prepared for the possibility of FIP, for which there is no known cure and which is 100% fatal.

He reassured us that IF it is FIP, it is very, very unlikely that any of our other cats have been infected.

I pray it's not too late for a little board magic. I cannot tell you how upset Gary & were yesterday evening. I couldn't bring myself to post.

We will find out later this afternoon.

Please send your love, vibes, good thoughts and/or prayers to this wonderful little girl!!!
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OMG Laurie, I hope it is not FIP!!!!!!!!

Flowerbelle is in my thoughts and prayers.

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Purrs thoughts and prayers going to little Flowerbelle from me and Patches and Tiger!!.
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Sending postive energy your way Laurie.
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Oh... I hope your sweet baby is alright. I'll be keeping her in my thoughts.
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Warm fuzzies for Flowerbelle from San Diego. The poor little girl. No matter what happens, at least she's had you guys so she knows what real love is.
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I felt like crying when I read your post. Poor Flowerbelle! Sending prayers for Flowerbelle your way.
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Oh Laurie, I'm so sorry. I'm seending good health and no FIP vibes for Flowerbelle. Hugs for you and Gary...
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Oh, Laurie! I'm so sorry! Sending prayers and get well vibes to Flowerbelle!
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OMG Laurie! My eyes welled up with tears when I read this. You know how I love your little angel from afar.

Sending all the positive energy, healing energy, and cyber HUGS to Flowerbelle, you and Gary that I can possibly come up with!!
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Oh gosh, poor little Flowerbelle. Sendings tons of board magic your way.
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I am so sorry, Laurie!
Sending prayers that she'll be OK
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is doing better. Please keep us posted on how she is doing. I will include her in my kitty prayers.
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Oh Laurie - I was so sorry to hear about Flowerbelle's illness. I am hoping and praying things clear up in her little lungs soon and it's just taking her a little longer to get over an upper respitory infection vs. the FIP. You have taken such great care of this lucky little girl - I can only pray that she'll get well very soon.

Yes, please do keep us all posted and we're sending up prayers from our corner of the world.

Good Luck to you!
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Sending lots of prays and hugs to you and Gary!
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Nooo! Not sweet Flowerbelle.
Poor little thing has been through so much. I really hope she will be ok.
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~~~positive vibes from Kansas City~~~~~

You've come so far with this little girl! I hope all goes well!!
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Sending prayers and keepng our paws crossed
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Dear Laurie and Gary-

I will keep positive prayers going today for little Flowerbelle. I know the two of you are beside yourself with worry over this. If it does turn out to be FIP I will still be forever grateful that the kind and caring hands Flowerbelle ended up in belonged to the both of you. She has now known love, instead of terror. She has found there are kind humans, instead of cruel ones. She has met acceptance with other cats, instead of getting torn apart by them. She could have been left for dead and spent the last few minutes of her life in misery wondering what it was she did to deserve this. Perhaps your only role in her life is to be her guide to the Bridge. That happens sometimes in rescue work, and quite often when you work with ferals who have been traumatized.

Also, if it turns out to be something else besides wet FIP you might want to consider talking to the vet about the possibility of just removing that one eye. In the long run, it might be the best choice, depending on what the vet tells you.

I am sending you long distance hugs and please if I can do anything, even just listen- you know how to reach me
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Sending tons of good healthy vibes and magick to you!!!!
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Oh NO! I HOPE Flowerbelle doesn't have FIP! Sweet Flowerbelle.. HANG in there. I know this must be so hard for u and Gary. U all are in my prayers. Pls keep us posted....

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I'm sending all of my hopes and prayers to precious little Flowerbelle. I pray she will be healthy and hearty as soon as possible.
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Oh no! I am sending all of my prayers your way. I hope little Flowerbelle pulls through and is free of FIP.
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Oh Laurie - I'm sending a BIG VIRTUAL HUG your way - I will keep Flowerbelle in my prayers.
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my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours
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I'm so sorry. I pray that it is not FIP. I read how you and your husband took in this little angel and treated and protected her. It is now time for the Miracle Kitty to come out. Please keep us posted. I feeling like crying right now.

God Bless.
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IT'S NOT FIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your good wishes for Flowerbelle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We don't know what it is yet, and I didn't talk to the vet. But they know how crazy we are about our cats, and they wanted us to know ASAP it wasn't FIP. They're not sure what it is yet, but Doc is going to call this evening. The vet tech didn't want to speculate, and said not all the cultures they sent out for are back yet, so we don't know anything more - except that Doc told her to communicate to us that Flowerbelle is going to be OK.

We'll find out later if we can still pick her up tonight (which was the plan if it was just the eye surgery). This place is open 24 hours, and doesn't close "regular" business hours until 8:00.

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Oh Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is WONDERFUL news!! Thank God!!
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