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Out of the Kindness of Strangers

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After this morning's adventure, all I can say is my guardian angels must be a-foot, and I am so thankful that they are! This morning, Kahuna was lying in the yard and he *looked* funny. Not like himself, laying in a strange way, so I went over and bent to pick him up and he growled and hissed at me! Not like him at all. I tried to approach him several times, but he was demon-possessed and would have none of it, so finally with welding gloves and a towel I was able to pick him up. He was growling so much and hissing, and I checked him all over and he was so sore in his front end, his paws were being held up like they hurt. I checked him all over for bite marks, dodging his claws and teeth, and could find nothing. I carefully carried him into the house, took him in the bedroom and shut the door, and watched him. He took a few steps, then stopped curled up in a tight little ball and just lay there. I gently got him to his feet and he took a few tentative steps and again curled up tight and started to growl. Ok, I was worried now, and I felt his chest, it was quite hot, he seemed reluctant to put his front feet down on the ground, so I placed him inside the cage and called the vet. The vet said he would see him immediately, so I put Kahuna in the carrier, grabbed my purse, whistled to the dog and off we went.

As I drove into the next town, I noticed my gas gauge was nearly on empty. So I drove into the Chevron station to get gas. As I was waiting in line and rooting around in my purse, I realized I had grabbed the wrong purse and my checkbook, wallet and other essentials were not with me! Kahuana was crying so pitifully it broke my heart, and I was near in tears when it was my turn at the pump. The attendant came over and asked me what I wanted, saw I was crying and asked me what was wrong. I told him I had an injured kitty, and needed fuel, but had no money, no checks, no ATM nothing. I asked him if there was any way he could put $10.00 in the tank and I would come back as soon as the visit was over and pay him? To my surprise, he said he would do this IF I came back before 6:00 p.m. I promised that I would, he put the fuel in and I was on my way. The vet is about an hour and half drive from me, and I was halfway there when my truck started lurching and I looked at my gauges to see my temperature was 210! YIKES! Thankfully, there was a Shell station nearby and I pulled in to the gas aisle. Not being very mechanical minded, I asked the attendant if he would check my radiator then added that the temp was 210. He told me no way would he open my radiator when it was that hot, and said I needed to park it and cool it out for at least an hour. Well, I was already running late, and so worried about Kahuna, that I started crying. He asked me what was going on and I told him, and this man, who I have never seen before told me to park my truck and TAKE HIS CAR TO THE VETS OFFICE! I was stunned and asked him if he was sure? And he said yes, said it was nothing but an old clunker, not much to look at, but since he was a mechanic, it did run. So I was 20 minutes late for my vet appointment but I did get there.

Kahuna has been hit by a car, and is VERY LUCKY. He has minor abrasions on his chest and belly, some swelling on his paws and legs, but the vet couldn't find anything major wrong with him. Said he must of just been grazed by a car. He is on cage rest and anti-inflammatory drugs. So I returned the attendants car, gave him a hug and told him I will pray his goodness will return to him ten-fold. I also told his boss what he did and hoped she would find some way to reward his incredible gift to me. I have paid the gas station, and now I am home with Kahuna in the cage and I am totally overwhelmed by the outpouring of the kindness of strangers I met today.
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I am so very happy that Kahuna is ok. Its nice to know that their are wonderful people like that in our world.. and not just the cruel and hateful ones we are constantly hearing about.

You know, Hissy, another reason for all this may also be that you are so kind hearted and you do so much for animals and take such good care of God's creatures. So.. that may have been you getting your help needed after you given so much help and selfless love.

What goes around comes around. Plain and simple!

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Aawwwwwwww! Hissy, thats just wonderful. How great they were. And I'm so glad Kahuna is going to be alright. It certainly shows that there are still kind people in the world.

Here's to hoping Kahuna has a speedy recovery!

Question: You live in a rural area, correct? How far is the road from your house? Maybe you can get one of thos invisible fence things to keep the kids from venturing too close to the road. Just a thought. I know it works for dogs, but cats? Hmmmmmm?
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I am glad to hear that Kahuna is ok. And your are very lucky to meet not one but two very helpful people on your way to the vet's office.

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Cassandra said it best. You were taken care of today because of the love, kindness, and compassion you show every day. I'm just happy to see that you were recognized in such a way that was easy for anyone to recognize.

Best wishes to Kahuna for a speedy recovery.
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After reading your post I had such a strong feeling of what I wanted to say to you. Then I read Cassandras's post and realized she had voiced my feelings to the letter!

I don't want to be redundant or repetitive, so I'll just say I fully agree with Cassie, this was treatment you fully deserve, and if there's any justice in this world, there is much more to come!

Much love and respect,

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I am in agreement with Cassie, Deb, and Cleo. I totally believe in karma. I used to research many different religions and just about every religion says something to that effect. "Do unto other as you would have others do unto you."
Right before Christmas last year, I stopped at ATM and found an deposit envelope with $800 cash and $300 in checks. Ther was a name and acct. # on it so I did not think twice about it, brought it home, got phone book out, made an educated guess on which Terry Jones it could be. I got in touch w/him, got him to tell me his acct.# for verification and he came and picked it up. He did not even realize it wasn't deposited in Atm. Thank God b/c if he would've, he woul have been sick.
1 wk 1/2 later, a lady barely sideswiped my car while I was at the gym. She got the guys to page me but I was in the shower. So when I realized what had happened she was gone. I left my # and SHE CALLED ME!!
SO, Hissy that proves that you must be doing more than your part in this world for those strangers to be so nice.What Goes Around, Comes Around!
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Hissy I couldn't have said it better than Cassie!! You are an and should be treated as one
And I'm so glad Kahuna'll be OK
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It is really good to know that there is good out there. Sometimes you only hear the bad so it it extra nice to hear how these two strangers helped you. I also believe that you got some help from above. And it is good to hear that Kahuna will be okay.
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Hissy; This is an example of The Golden Rule in action. A "small" reward for the "huge" work you and Mike do to look after God's helpless creatures. May his always watch over you. . . .
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Dearest Hissy:angel2:

Gosh, I just read this posting and I am so freaked out! I'm in tears for you. All I know is that you're such a great Christian girl..God knows of your strong faith. The angels came to you. You give yourself so effortlessly and it's just another confirmation of what's been said this whole thread. I truly thank God for the wonderful people in this world. You are one of them. You have given so much and it was your turn for God just to show you how much He loves you and to let you know He will never abandon you. What you reap is what you sow. What a beautiful story...no one can deny that HE is with us!

God Bless You & Mike Hugs to all and warmest regards to Kahuna.:angel2::angel2:

Love &, PS.....Just a little something I
thought you'd like
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Hissy.....I am so glad to hear that Kahuna is going to be alright! I feel so bad that you both had to go through such a rough time that day!! But I agree with Catarina...God was looking out for you, and showed you his love through the kindness of strangers...because he knows what a loving and kind person you are!!!!!!!
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I (as usual) read your account with tears running, both for you and your sweet Kahuna.

I am absolutely amazed!! at the goodness of these particular strangers. The gas was amazing, but for a total stranger to lend you his car is wonderful!!

You must absolutely inspire trust in people who meet you. This has really been an uplifting experience for me to read about.

You have an absolutely wonderful way with words. I love reading your posts. God bless you (I think he already has).

By the way, you were the first person to reply to my first post...thanks.
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Hissy I am glad your kitty is okay and it is wonderful that the strangers you met we so sensitive to anothers needs - I wish more people in the world were like that and not so supicious of everyone. It is always so heart warming to hear of such lovely people in the world.....It was definately you day to interact with kind hearted souls
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