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Super stinky cat poop.

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My one cat Puff has the worst smelling poop. I mean it almost makes you eyes water. He was a rescue in November. He was deformed at that time. He also had a URI and was given antibiotics. Since he has been in the house his poop has been terrible. Soft and smelly. I took a simple into the vet and they couldn't find any parasites. I feed him blue wilderness dry and Friskies wet. Please help.
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I will bet it is something in his diet that is not agreeing with him. Usually that is the main cause of stinky and soft poop. If you like, I would suggest moving your thread to Nutrition. But up to you! I don't think it is a health issue, I think it is a diet related problem.
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"Royal canin indoor" will do it! :)

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Please move my thread, thanks.
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Putting my three shelter kitties on raw diet cleared them right up. And I can feed homemade raw cheaper than I can feed Friskies canned...awesome bonus!
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