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Hello I am New!

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Hello I am brand new here and this is my first post. I have read some of the posts and find this site so loveable I had to join. I have three cats and have created pages for them. They are Sylvester, a Siamese-Mix "Tuxedo-cat" we got from my husban's cousin who was raising Siamese chocolate points. We picked him because of his "Tuxedo" look. He was so adorable peeking out of the welping box with his siblings who were all white. (They didn't have their points yet) When he was old enough to be weened his siblings had started to get their points and he looked so out of place. We had Sylvester only a few weeks when my husband's uncle informed us that he couldn't keep the ferrel cat he had rescued behind his house, because he was moving to a place that didn't accept pets. We introduced her to Sylvester and she started to clean him like he was her baby. Two days after we took her she had a litter of three kittens and the following day two had died. The third one thrived and we named her Sugar. Mama Kitty is a mixed-breed white with black spots on her. Her baby Sugar is an all white odd-eyed sweetie. (left blue, right green) Sugar is old enough to be spayed now and we have an appointment on Friday to have her and Mama Kitty spayed and Sylvester nuetered. They are all getting along great and we couldn't be happier with our little family of black and white long-haired cats. They don't even seem to notice the fish aquarium filled with Japanese Koi
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Aww, how pretty! Welcome to the board.

We are pic addicted here just so you know . I love cats with different color eyes. I just posted a thread in the lounge about a cat that got away on Petfinder!

The people here are so great I love coming here!

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Thanks! That Pic is of my Sylvester. Pic happy? That is great, I am always snapping pics of my kitties. I am having trouble bringing em up though. I have more of the other two plus one of Sugars siblings before they died but It is hard because I have to resize them before I can bring them up. I will try to do that and post the other pictures.
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Welcome to this site , nice meeting you
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Welcome! Sylvester is GORGEOUS! Looking forward to "meeting" your other babies, too. No such thing as too many pics.
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Welcome! What a pretty cat
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Welcome to TCS! Cute pic, Lets see more!
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I'd love to check out your web pages for your cats. Can you give us the address?
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Here is my webpage with the pics of my cats. It is hard for me to resize the pics I have on my computer so I will have to do them all manually. But, I have a bunch on this website. Here is the link;

Click here for link to my webpages of my cats!

If you visit please make sure to sign my guest book! I like to know what others think of my pics.
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I LOVE SUGAR! where did you get her? I love it that shes medium haired too...grrrdrool...
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She is Mama Kitty's baby. Her mom was a ferrel cat that my husband's uncle rescued from a house he was renting while living near us. When his job changed and he had to move he couldn't take her with him so we took her not knowing she was pregnant. We would have took her anyway though. Mamma had Sugar and her siblings but the other two died.
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Sylvester looks like a nice cat. Welcome aboard!
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Oh my goodness your photos are beautiful! What stunning kitties you have. Mama and Sugar are so pretty and Sylvester is so handsome!

Welcome to the board!
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Welcome to the boards! That picture in your intro is awesome!
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Welcome and what a pretty purrbaby you have:
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Welcome from me also
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I checked out all of your pictures, not just your cat pictures, and I'm really impressed with your photography ability. Great shots of the children. Also, I love your white kitty with blue eyes, Sugar.
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