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Freddie is slipping downhill

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Freddie is not doing well. His FIV+ state has been aggravated by his very serious ear infection and high fever. Tonight when I got home from work (^%#&*% --why do I have to work at all? I'd give anything to be home with him all day), his little furs in his ears were WET. He goes to the doctor first thing in the morning. He also has symptoms of a cold, but I jut read a thread on FIP and maybe he has that too, because the "cold" symptoms popped up only yesterday and he has been battling the ear infection and fever for 2 weeks now and not getting better. We posted a cute pic for him, under "I"m new from the Pacific NW" - any thoughts on his condition---especially the wet or damp ears--- would be nice, I am a wreck and crying.
Elizabeth He is only 6 months.
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Poor Freddie.

Sorry I can't help with any ideas about his wet or damp ears, but I can keep him in my thoughts and prayers tonight.

*Sends good thoughts and prayers both of your two's way*.


Any thoughts from someone familiar with Freddies condition?
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I'm so sorry to hear Freddie's not doing well, you and he are in my thoughts. Hang in there. Please let us know what the vet says tomorrow.

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I'm so sorry about Freddie. I hope it's something simple that your vet can fix tomorrow - I'm sending "get well" vibes for him. Let us know how you get on.
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I'm sorry about your furbaby 6 months is so young, poor little guy
I know what you mean about having to work. I hate leaving my babies alone.. I wish I could be with them all day.

Good luck to you and sending good vibes for Freddie.
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I'll be sending good healthy thoughts to Freddie! Poor baby boy, having such a serious illness so young! I wish I could help you with info on his condition but I've never dealt with FIV.

I know how hard it is to leave your furkids alone. If you leave some music or talk show on the radio for him, maybe you won't feel like you're leaving him to an empty house.

Best of luck with the vet today!
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Positive healing vibes are on the way for Freddie, and I agree that he is much too young to be going through this.
Poor kitty!!!!
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and he is spending the night at the very skilled animal hospital, his first night ever away from home. Doc said he was just the sweetest and seem to have good acuity and even a little energy for burning up like this. Organs all are fine. Massive amounts of tests come back tomorrow so we can see where the fever is coming from or if he has leukemia. We are very proud of him. Sasha bathed his ears and bumped noses with him before we left for the vet early this a.m., a 1 hour drive.
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What a little sweetheart.. he sounds like a real fighter. I hope he will be ok.
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Any updates on Freddy? I'll be praying.
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You can find updates on Freddie on this thread. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=25849
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Last night Freddie drank water(!) & ate his favorite meal of chicken, then went outside sat in the pumpkins for about 15 minutes in his favorite spot. He came back in and curled up with us on the sofa, very quiet, very withdrawn. This morning, he was roasting, the fever climbing back to 105++ during the night. Eric had his head under the pillows, he couldn't bear it. We talked to our wonderful veterinary team and they asked if it was time. I said it was. So we took a very lethargic, sweating, and almost comatose Freddie on a sad 1 hr. car ride into town.....we took his beloved red ball....his favorite blanket....said goodbye to older brother Sasha. And then something funny happened: we got a flat tire. A big hand saying "slooowwww down" ?? A message from the Kitty God? Because by the time we saw the doctor, his fever was down, only a small bit dehydrated, and bright-eyed, good spirits, and not suffering. We all stood around unbelieving....and Freddie said "NO". So we packed him up and went home, where he promptly ate and drank and curled up in the sun and slept. Eric and I have now agreed to let nature take its course, no euthanasia --we cannot bear it-- and although we don't exactly have our Frisbee Flipping Freddie, he is saying NO. And we are listening. Everyone's notes and cards have meant the world.
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That is good to hear that he'll have some more time with you. Kisses to Freddie and Sasha. What a hell of an emotional rollercoaster you're riding. You and Eric take care of yourselves too.

((Big Hug))
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Sounds to me like Freddie isn't ready to go yet. It also sounds like you love him very much, speaking as someone who just went through the agony of having to Know when "the right time" is. Trust me you'll know. I am one that believes very much in allowing nature to take it's course unless it is obvious to you he will not get better only be in a prlonged state of agony. However that is something only you will be able to decide. I will say this if you have to make the decision & you truly listen to your heart as hard as it is there is a certain peace to knowing that you did the best you could for your baby. I just helped my Smokey to the bridge on Friday & I miss her dearly but I feel a certain sense of relief that she is out of pain. Listen to Freddie he'll let you know when he's done fighting.
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