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I need those feral thinking caps on again...

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I need those famous fantastic brains on TCS again! I've gotten a whole lot more feral photos to make into Feral Care Banners (which are sorely missing on the internet), but I am running out of sayings!

Here's some of the ones that I have already used (you can see them on the Care Banner pages of Save Samoa and Stray Pet Advocacy, or just click here ) to use as a starting point for you.

Feral cats need love too.
The world has taught me to fear, only you can teach me to trust.
Feral cats - they are everywhere you look.
Kindness is a kitten saved.
Hunger knows no boundaries.
Ferals need friends too.
Ferals need more than a bowl of food. Trap, neuter, release.
They were someone's pet at one point - until they were abandoned.
Go out on a limb, rescue a feral.
TNR - Save a feral kitten today.

Help me out here! The ferals need us to get the word out!
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heidi can we see the photos? It would help to inspire us-
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Sure, let me upload them somewhere. And again, special thanks to Hissy, Princess Purr, LDG, Kumbulu and HouseofCats for allowing me to use their wonderful pictures of the ferals they care for.
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I'm not really sure if you can use this or not but it is a common moral story that I shortened...

The Starfish
A father and daughter walked along the beach. As the young girl ran and played farther and farther away the father looked dreamily out over the water. When he was closer he could see his daughter throwing things into the water and running back and picking up more. He asked, "What are you doing?" She replied, "Throwing these starfish back into the water." Puzzled, the father said, "But there are thousands of starfish all along the beach. You can't possibly save them all. What does it matter?"

The girl stopped, looked up at her father, and held out a starfish.
"It matters to this one daddy."
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i remember the starfish one... it's a touching one..
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Your wish is my command!

Anyway, I've set up a photo gallery of the gorgeous feral pictures that I have that have not been made into banners yet. Just click on the thumbnail to go to a full-sized picture.

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I ran out of time but here are some of my thoughts:

L1-Without your help I'm Lost
L2-All I want is your Love
L3-I know how to spell D-E-S-P-A-I-R
L4- When you are hungry you'll eat anything
L5-Just Look Around and See the Need
L6-I'm to hungry to be an effective hunter
L7-Let me close to your Heart
L8-There's food out there somewhere
H1-Scale the Heights- Adopt a Feral
H2-Where did my Mom Go?
H3-Take the right route, Spay and Neuter
H4-At Least Trees can't hurt me
H5- The world's a scary place for a Feral Kitten
H6-This is one place no one can look down on me
H7- I didn't ask to be here

That's all I have time for right now Heidi, I will put some more thought into this later on-
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"Do you want to know my name?"
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Whenever I see animals in difficulty it breaks my heart. Keep up the good work.

HC1 Each one so different. All need our help.

HC5 They don't ask for much. Help any way you can.

HC8 Help save a life. One precious soul at a time.

HC9 For about the cost of dinner at a nice restaurant you could save a life.

Hope these help. I'll keep working on it.


Open up your heart and it shall be filled with love.
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This may seem a little corney but how about. I am lost but could be found.
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These are all great suggestions! Keep 'em coming....I do get more pictures from time to time and would love to be able to have lots of extra sayings.
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Bump....Any more creative people???
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- Don't judge a book by it's cover.

- Help the feral population decrease - Trap-Neuter-Release.

- From wild to mild. With your help it CAN happen.

- What goes around comes around.

- My life has been one of fear.

- Give hope to a lost soul. Adopt a feral today.

Okay, some of those kinda suck, but thats all I could come up with for now. I'm tired, but I'll brainstorm again tomorrow.
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Thanks Cassie! I think those are great!
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This is from The Little Prince:

"Please -- tame me!"
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BTW, I've been learning Photoshop and I hope you don't mind if I used one of the feral photos to practice tonal adjustment (see attached).
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Found this on the National Feral Day page - thought it was cute:

I'm neutered, are you?
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