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White stuff in cat's pee?? Help!

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I noticed some white residue in the litter box last night on my kitty's dried urine. Since the litter is in my bathroom, I assumed I mightve spilled some makeup or lotion or something on it. Then today I noticed new white stuff that seems to have formed on another dried pee spot in the litter. It looks shimmery?! What is this and what should I do? We are flying out of state and she is being dropped off at a boarder for 3-4 weeks until I finish my move (they have a vet on staff though). I can't delay this trip or my move but I'm worried about her! She's been drinking more water than usual lately too, but otherwise seems fine. She's been fed crappy cheap kibble (she was my roommates cat until a week ago) but I've been trying to switch her over to wet. Help!

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What kind of litter do you use? I think some litters form a bit of what you describe over the cat's urine clump in the litter box. OR if you are certain it is something in her urine then the white slime (excessive protein) in the urine could be a result of increased mucous secretions from the urinary bladder. This may be normal, or it may be due to some sort of bladder irritation such as an infection, inflammation or the presence of a stone. Is there anyway you can get her to the vet for a urinalysis before you leave? Or since there is a vet on staff where you are boarding her, have them test her urine right away when she is there and stay in contact with you via phone. Best to you during this stressful time of moving and hope your kitty will be alright. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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I think it might've been tidy cats brand?? I'm not sure, I bought it at walmart and it came in a jug! This was back when kitty belonged to my roommate and I had to set up and hide a clean litter box for her in my room so I didn't even pay attention to the brand and disposed of the label and hid the unmarked jug in my car trunk (don't even ask haha). I've just never seen it happen before and it's been the same litter brand for a long time (huge container). It was dry and sparkly though, like crystals or what salt or sugar would look like if it was wet and then the water evaporated! But then online it sounds like crystals in urine aren't visible?? Who knows though my roommate neglected her severely and never took her to the vet. I have an appointment asap I will update then! Thankyou for the positive vibes!!
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No, you would not see the crystals in the urine but good question. agree.gif I bet it is the litter. Still, get the urinalysis just to be sure and do keep us posted. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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Just updating in case anyone else has the same issue and happens to find this thread... Urinalysis came back positive for crystals, but not enough for major concern (within a normal range) but the vet diagnosed ideopathic cystitis and suspects kitty is under alot of stress (which she is)! She prescribed felliway (which I'm already using) and Royal Canin Urinary S/O cat food. Still no verdict on the weird crystal matter in the litter, but I've seen other people on google reporting the same thing?? It hasn't happened since so I guess Ill cross my fingers it was just some weird chemical reaction with the litter/crystals in her urine...
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I normally don't reply to older posts but this is a matter that isn't mentioned anywhere else. The same thing happened to my neutered male cat-5 year old. I refused to pay a vet beyond the lab tests that signified he had urine crystals. I immediately took him off of dry food only giving him soft canned food specifically designed for urinary tract health made by Friskies. I then added Cosequin - opening the capsules and adding the sprinkles to his food. Then I heard about D-Mannose powder as helping with feline urinary tract infections and crystals. So I ordered it and added a teaspoon of it to his soft food including the cosequin and a quarter cup of spring water since he never has ever touched water. Before this supplement he would clean himself several times after urinating a small amount- such as a tablespoon at that much taking three minutes to complete.

That evening he urinated a half cup of urine and didn't clean himself.

The next morning I gave him another teaspoon full of supplement- same mixture as before, he used the box and again urinated a half cup. I went to work, and once home at 7 pm I noticed he was attempting to clean himself and was acting frustrated, something was stuck on his fur- he is angora so he has a thick amount of fur on his bottom. It looked like he had sat on a glazed donut, his whole left side was sparkling with a sugar coating that matted into his fur, it's trail showed it came from his urethra during urinations. In the litter box wasn't a normal rounded spot of urine, instead it was a line of urine 5 inches long in two different spots looking as if urine had shot out! 

I placed him in a tub of warm water while the matted crystals dissolved. He has been improving every day since, he must have had many crystals in his bladder and that stuff dissolved them enough so he could pass them well.

I will continue to add this to his food, much better than the vet bills and torture I've heard cats go through when they insert a catheter, including the three thousand dollar vet bill. 

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