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Tippy fell down

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Tippy was climbing along the kitchen wall - it's kind of a 3/4 high wall that separates are kitchen from the dining room. She sits up there all the time but the other day she must have misjudged and fell from the top of the wall to the dining room floor. I panicked at first, but she landed on her feet and was ok. I really thought she could have broken a leg. The sweet thing was that Tony saw what happened and went flying over to see if she was ok. Tippy was spooked at first but recovered quickly. Angel just looked and if I could have read her mind she would have said "Oh well, better luck next time!".
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flail.gifTony to the rescue.

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Glad she is OK! I would have panicked too!
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Glad Tippy is OK, Lana....that was scary!

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So much for graceful felines never falling! I'm glad she's okay.
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Oh dear! Poor her!

Mooch falls off the arm of the couch in her sleep several times a year I'm guessing. One side has an end table but the others are over toy bins. I keep one full of stuffed animals... She always looks disgruntled afterward.
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