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Ear infection

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Max has to go into the Vet on Oct 26th. He is due for his distemper, which they tell me that he can be infected through the air. The cost for the vet visit and the vacination will be $23.00. I don't think that is so bad.

I think he might have an ear infection again. He is three years old and this will be his 3rd annual checkup and each time he has had an ear infection. His annual vet visit is always in October. The first ear infection they thought was caused by mites (even though he was treated 3 times for mites). However, I wonder about last year and this year. Where are these ear infections coming from? Anybody have any ideas?
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I lifted this post out of Sicy's thread and created a new thread. Sounds like you need some advice.
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Nora, tell me about your kitty. My Fredie - and you may have seen some postings - is FIV+. He is not doing well tonight and I am a wreck. He has a raging fever and a raging ear infection that was caused my ear mites. He now has moist fur, almost wet, in his ears---the little hairs are wet but not sopping -- and tomorrow morning first thing we see a very experienced doctor in FIV. My question t you is, does your kitty run a fever and does he sweat it out? What has been his behavior patterns in the past w/his ear infections. You would be of great comfort to tell me your experiences. And if the infections reoccur, then there is an underlying issue, trust me. If your vet hasn't mentioned other tests, like a simple CBC-complete blood count workup--- then get a new vet. I feel for you. Any thoughts on your side? Freddie is only 6 months so his body is fighting so very hard. Thank you---
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My Vet has run tests and he thinks Max may be allegic to something that comes around in the fall, because that is when he has a problem. He does not sweat, but he plays with his ears. The first year (Max was a year old) the vet said it was left over from ear mites. Max was like attacking his ears. Last year when I had his annual visit he was mildly scratching at his ears, which is what is happening this year. The vet gives me ear drops and I put them in his ears for 10 days and the problem goes away. Like I said, the vet thinks that Max has an allergy that only presents itself in the fall. Other than the ear infections, Max has never been ill.

Elizabeth, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor fur baby. I hope all goes well with him. I will say a prayer for him.
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ok, I am hearing about your baby boy and that is a good sign, that his infections only come around seasonally. My Sasha, who is 11 and a huge bowling ball of a cat at 21 lbs, has never, ever had anything wrong with him, strong as an ox, but he does get eye infections and some ear discomfort in the Springtime. Makes sense. It seems as if it's isolated to a yearly or seasonal recurral for you and that, actually, is better news.
Freddie is in the hospital, his fever climbed to 105.8 overnight. He is on an IV but other than that a surprisingly alert and perky boy for such a trauma to his little body. Sasha bathed his ears and bumped noses with him before we left this morning. I will have the FIV reading and leukemia scan back overnight. Tonite I plan to sit in the backyard under the huge tees and talk to the God and Goddess of all Kitties and ask for his health. You have to ask out loud, you just do.
I hope you and he are doing well.
Elizabeth, Freddie & Sasha
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