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Does the Dallas Dental Service Animal Clinic still exist?

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I tried to contact them regarding stomatitis but all the phone numbers I found online don’t seem to be connected. They were at the Coit Road Animal Hospital and I think they closed down.


I tried to contact Carolina who had success through them for her cat with stomatitis but can’t get a hold of her. My cat has that problem and I’d really like to find out what the name of the medication was that helped her cat! Help!

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Did you PM Carolina? She travels quite a bit for work. I'm sure she will get back to you when she can. smile.gif
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Yes, I did PM Carolina, thanks for letting me know that she travels a lot.

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I was curious if you found out if the Dallas Dental Service Animal Clinic is still open?  I also have a cat who is struggling with stomatitis and would like to consult the clinic.  Please let me know if you received a new contact number.  The cocktail seems like it could possibly give some relief to my poor cat.  Thank you

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Sending a PM
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I think you may have been looking for the wrong name. The place that does the ongoing clinical trial referred to as "Dallas cocktail" or "LPS Syrup" is called the Dallas Veterinary Dental Clinic.

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The phone number given to me by Carolina was (972) 385-8400. The clinic have changed their name since and are now called Veterinarians Dental.  Here's their website:

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I had already sent a pm, fyi smile.gif
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Hi Carolina, I know you sent a PM but I thought it would be beneficial for anyone else who has a cat suffering with stomatitis. It's quite confusing with the name change of that clinic.   : )

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This office still exists! I was there yesterday. My cat who was recently diagnosed with stomatitis. I chose to go there instead of full mouth extraction because that doesn't always work and doesn't address the underlying problem creating the inflamed gums.  Yes, I learned that no all cats respond to the syrup and some have adverse reactions that can be caught with the prescribed follow up blood work, etc.


Zander had blood work, and then sedation--his teeth examined, cleaned, fluoride treatment, put on antibiotics both topical at the time of sedation and liquid, and some other things. The syrup regimen will start in a few days to give him mouth time to calm down from the work done in preparation for 3 teeth to be extracted within a month.


It is the only place that makes the syrup and will work with your own veterinarian if your veterinarian sends all the pertinent information and follows the prescribed regimen of follow up care.


They are now called Vet Dent. They are located 12600 Coit Rd, Dallas, TX 75251

(972) 385-8400


Your post was awhile ago, but thought I'd put this up for anyone who is looking for an answer to stomatitis instead of FME. Join the yahoo group for it, too! You'll hear both sides of the story about FME. You can at least take this info and make an better informed decision.

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I PM Caroline a week ago. But I haven't heard back from her. She must be traveling.


I went to the website that you all mention on this forum-, but I do not see any information on the syrup. I would like to give the information to my vet discussing for my cat Oldie. It is because Oldie has diabetic and FIV. He is taking Interferon and Pain Elixir for sometime, but the ulcer still irritate him.


Please give me the link that I can get more information on the syrup.


Thank you.

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