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Adequan for cats

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My cat just had an Adequan injection.  I am wondering if it is safe for cats that have started showing signs of kidney disease.  I don't know whether I should continue these injections if it makes her condition worse.

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Welcome to TCS, VFerrill1!


Just a quick reply for you.


The "oracle" of all-things-kidney-kitty speaks a little about using Adequan in a cat with reduced kidney function:


Some people have also had success with Adequan, which is an injectible treatment, although this is a relatively new treatment for cats (it is actually only approved for dogs) and many vets will not be familiar with using it in this way. Mar Vista Vet reports that when large doses were given to dogs, the dogs developed large kidneys. They therefore recommend being cautious when using Adequan in patients with CKD.


The author of that site also runs a specialized online group where she and group members gather - if memory serves me right, there are members there who do use Adequan for their kitties - you might want to pose your question there - that's where the real experts are to be found. Here's the group:


Here's how the group works


Get yourself a new. separate Yahoo email address before joining - it'll make managing info easier for you.


Keep us posted!

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I used Adequan on my CRF cat (gone away) and it really helped her. We never saw enlargement of her kidneys. But mine was only one case, so...I guess you'll have to weigh the pros and cons to see what's right for your kitty.
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