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Ramona has FIP

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to this forum & am in desperate need of some advice from anyone that has had a cat with FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). My sweet 9 month old baby, Ramona, has been unofficially diagnosed with FIP. Her symptoms, blood work, and evaluation of her abdominal fluid all indicate she has it.

At this point, she's presumed terminal. She's awake & alert, eating & drinking, and is still walking (but only for short distances before lying down). She appears to be comfortable. She is also on Buprenorphine for pain twice a day. Of course, her belly is full & distended, and the only other thing is, she's having trouble urinating. She goes into the litter box multiple times a day & only puts out a few drops of urine, if any at all.

I'm wondering what is best for her right now? We don't want to keep her alive because we want more time with her while she's silently suffering. We also don't want to prematurely euthanize her.

If anyone can offer advice, or has experience with a similar situation, we would love to hear from you. Our home is so saddened right now...the thought of losing her breaks my heart. Thank you.

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I am so sorry for what you are going through! She is a real beauty!! I don't have much advice other than to get a second opinion from a feline specialist. Sometimes FIP is misdiagnosed so it may be helpful to get a second opinion.
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I am so sorry, FIP is such a cruel disease. I have lost 3 cats to it over the years. As said, there is no 100% sure diagnosis, but high titre levels for the virus plus the symptoms of fluid in the abdomen, fever and lethargy all point to a pretty certain outcome. All you can do is keep the cat comfortable and let her tell you when she has had enough. It is good that you are aware of her needs, but so hard to take the final step. You love her so much that you will know the moment. I really feel for you.
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