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Female Kitten Names?

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I've got a few names I like, But i can't decide which one..Ive called them out but still can't decide on it.


The names ive chosen are





Nala (from lion king)




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Nala! That is such an adorable name.

Also my nana's cat is called Misty. 

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Cathy! :)

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I like Pixie for her. She looks like she's got a bit of attitude on her!
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Another vote for Pixie. Very cute name (and cute kitty!).

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One more vote for Pixie. That's exactly what she looks like!
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What a cutie patootie! You've got an adorable little one who deserves an equally precious name.


While I agree with everyone that Pixie is a cute name, it is not my first choice from the list you've come up with. Of the names you've chosen, the one that stands out the most to me is Nylah. I like that it is a little bit unique. So, for that reason alone, I would go with that one. But, that being said, there is certainly nothing wrong with the name Pixie and it does appear that it may suit her. So, perhaps, try them both out and see what feels the most natural - for you and for kitty.


One last thing, I don't know why, but when I look at the photo of your kitten, the name Averill comes to mind. And, I do think that it's a cute name, so, maybe...?

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