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please help

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I found a cat about a week ago. It is just a kitten. I took it
to the vet the other day and he said the cat had worms and gave it
something. About 24 hours after the cat injested whatever the vet
gave it, it has a terrible case of diaherria (I can't begin to stress
the word terrible).

Is this normal? How long does this last? I keep the cat in a
separate room and clean the room all the time...again, let me
stress the word all. When can I feel comfortable letting the
cat play with others?

Please, please, any response you can give me will be greatly

My email address is eruth@math.miami.edu

Erich J. Ruth
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The vet probably gave the kitten a dose of Strongent, a de-wormer. Most kittens are born with some kind of worms. And not to worry, the medicine could cause diarrhea. How old is the kitten? The diarrhea is common when given that kind of medicine. If it doesn't let up after a day or so, call your vet and ask him. He might want to give him another dose after about 3 weeks.

Usually, once the kitten has been given a clean bill of health meaning, no worms, earmites or fleas, has been given its distemper and tested negative (key word negative)for feline leukemia and feline aids, no upper respiratory infections (cold) you can probably start introducing your baby to the other cats gradually. Check with your vet also.

Seeing as you already have him isolated, I'm sure your other cats know that he's around because they can smell his scent under the door. Depending upon how old he is and how old your other cats are, you'll be able to let him out SUPERVISED to make sure nothing happens between them. Of course there will be alot of hissing and growling. And it will probably take some time so don't expect overnight miracles. But then again, you could be surprised and everything will be fine. It depends on the other cats. You might want to put the little one in a carrier first and let your cats approach him to see what he's all about. Then let him out slowly to check things out. At night, put the kitten back in the room for his own safety. Alot of times older cats accept kittens alot easier than adult cats (I know mine did).

Good luck with your new little one and keep us posted.


Welcome to the cat site!!
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Oh boy! I agree with Donna.. Call the vet in a week or so if the diaherra has not stopped by then.
Be sure to have her drink a lot so she won't become dehydrated.
Welcome to the cat site.. I love it here and have gotten some WONDERFUL advice for my 2 babies.

Keep us posted! Good luck.
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