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all of you with lots of cats

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how do you do it? I mean manage so many. Do you have help with cleaning litter boxes, taking cats to the Vet?
Tell us your secrets(lol)

When ex-hubby and I were breeding German Shepherds, the most we kept were five, they all had turns in the house. I spent most of my days grooming, cleaning dog runs, exercising each dog. I did not have five in the house at once, and no litter boxes(lol)

Seems like it would be easier keeping multiple cats, but just having one(admittedly not a calm one) I really do not know how you keep up with everything.
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I only had 2 in the beginning and slowly were adding on cats . So I kind of grow in to the happit of doing things . It is like first you have one child , then you get one more and ajust with your situation . I don't have any help most of the time . My son has to scoop every night , I scoop in the morning including in the cat enclosure the cat boxes . Feeding time is morning and evening and that is not hard . Well we do have more hair now . But I just vacauum every 2 days , I really shoud do more often . I clean up to 10 cat boxes every 5 days outsite the driveway so I can use the waterhose . It may would be more stress if I had a full time job , but I only have 2 cleaning jobs wich help me feed my cats . Now I have a persan cat "GINGER" and I do brush her every day . Snowball is also a long hair cat , but he needs only once a week a brushing . Then the 2 Selkirk Rex cat go once a month to the groomer to be combed and bathed . So the other short hair cats I comeb them here and there while I watch TV or so . I also have time sharing with peting all my cats and they all have a order in that . I also clean the cat enclosure once a week . But in all , it is really not that much when you are used to doing it all the time .
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LOL...good question!! I sometimes wonder how I pull it off. I have mostly short to medium hair cats so my hair problem isn't terribly bad, and most of my floors are wood or vinyl. Only 3 need brushing and only occasionally. Whenever I see a hair clump, I simply scoop it up as I walk by it. I sweep floors about every other day and wash the throw rugs once or twice a week. I also do a perpetual throw rug-straightening act - I figure it's like doing toe-touches 25 times a day.

For litter, scoop out all litter boxes at least once a day and completely clean/out scrub once a week. I usually do the scoop out while I have dinner cooking to kill time waiting for it to cook. The scrub out occurs on Saturday's while laundry is running.

My cats free-feed for the most part, but they do get evening wet meat snack. It's a great time to teach them new tricks.

Love, play and attention happen when I'm either at the computer (there is never a moment when at least one isn't sitting on my lap - Sage is here now), or sofa/recliner time watching TV. And of course there is the snuggle time at night in bed.

Some things we just plan as projects with them and reserve the time accordingly, like their monthly Frontline, or 2 weeks ago when we had to Droncit the crew, or when Bogart gets his sub-q's.

OK, so if you just build the cleaning part into your regular routine, it's only about an hour of maintenance (on the average) a day. Well worth it if you ask me. The play & love time is fun for all of us and I don't count that as work.
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