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How to be a good owner?

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So I've had my kitten for about 4 weeks and I already feel like the worst owner ever! I go to school full time 3 times a week and I leave her alone my mom is home but she cannot pay a lot of attention to her cause she has her own thing. When i am home i try to give as much love as possible and play with her etc. However i have tons of homework so i might ignore her for some time. The issue is this, for the past week ive noticed she is a bit more distant and she hardly ever lets me pick her up (she used to let me all the time), she runs from me as if i want to harm her, and she wont sleep in my bed anymore. I would like to reconnect with her and make her love me. What could i do? Also what r some good toys she might enjoy for when im not home?
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She is growing older.  She is now like a 5-year old child. Keep giving her attention, and if she doesn't want to be picked up, don't pick her up.  As for toys, check out these ideas.   There are a lot of suggestions in the thread.

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I would also go for food. Let not a day pass without you bringing her something yummy when you come back from school, even if you just stole a few treats and put them in your purse before leaving. ;) The important thing is for her to associate your arrival with another positive thing.


About the growing distant thing... not sure it's a time issue. Try and remember what you did with her lately, and see if there is something she doesn't like, because imo that would set her running. For example, my father is a wonderful man, he raised a lot of animals during his lifetime... but he is also a heavy smoker, and my cat will run as fast as hell whenever she smells him around. :))


I'm not saying you smoke, but you get the idea. ;)

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