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Feeding kitten

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Im getting a kitten next week at about 6 week old. I need help. How do i start to feed the kitten? She loves milk. But im not sure wht to feed a 6 week old kitten. What if she doesnt eat food?
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At 6 weeks she should be eating on her own, I always started out with canned food mixed with a little water. I've heard cows milk can give cats upset stomachs, although mine have been drinking it for years with no problems, but to play it safe you may want to get a cat milk replacement for her. I've seen it at different locations, even Walmart has several brands. I always gave as much food as they wanted several times a day until they were older, you can also offer kitten hard food and see if she can eat it. Good luck, she'll bring you many years of unconditional love! 

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You could also leave out some freeze dried raw (and plenty of water) for them to avoid the commercial dry food.

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Minced meat is popular with young kittens beginning to eat real food.

If you can get goat milk, you can use this as mother reserve milk, or even, as part of her food.  Much safer than cow milk, and probably more nourishing too.  What the cat doesnt want, you can drink it yourself.   :)

I also second the earlier said.


6 weeks is quite young.  Cant you talk the owner into having her with mom and siblings a couple of weeks more?  it would be the optimal.


It is only if the kittens doesnt have a mom, or the mom is feral, it is good to take them so young.


Keep reporting and asking!


Good luck!

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