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Pain relief for cats

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My tabby seems to have hurt his paw. I know time will heal it, but are there any kind of pain relievers that are safe for cats he can have in the meantime?
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I do not believe there are any safe OTC pain meds for cats. You would have to go to a vet and get a prescription. How long has his paw been in pain? Most sprains will heal in less than 2 weeks. If it's been longer than that or he seems in pain, I would take him to the vet and make sure it isn't broken.

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I just noticed it yesterday, the same day I noticed fur from another cat on the ground outside. Clearly, he got into a fight.
I guess I'll keep an eye on it. I hate to see him hurt. But maybe he will learn not to get Into fights.
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If he was mine I'd take him in to get an antibiotic shot, they have them now that last 10days. (better then trying to give pills everyday) The chances are almost certain he's been bitten in that paw and will probably develop an abcess.. I've seen it happen at least 4 times with my feral, it will swell up until it pops and drains, and be sore for weeks. I can't take him in to get the shots, I can't trap or get close to him. My house cat got into a fight with his housemate, was limping the next day, and got worse until I took him in a week later. I thought it was a sprain, I couldn't see any bite wounds. He had surgery and a drain and it cost a LOT more then if I would have had an antibiotic given at the beginning. Your cat may just drain eventually, but he could become toxic from the infection pretty quickly too. If it starts swelling, bring him in!

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Originally Posted by singlecatlady View Post

...are there any kind of pain relievers that are safe for cats he can have in the meantime?


Hi singlecatlady - welcome to the forum!


The ONLY SAFE pain meds are those available by prescription and then generally available from a Veterinarian or an authorized pharmacy.


There are NO SAFE over-the-counter feline pain medications.


Of those prescription meds, there is one that, in the US is considered unsafe for should make a mental note of the name for future reference, though, because many US Veterinarians, despite warnings from the FDA, will prescribe it! It's called Metacam - it's one to politely refuse should it ever be offered. And, a further caution: there are new 'versions' (generic brands) coming onto the market of tipoff is often the "cam" at the end of the name.


The safe prescription meds I spoke of are all narcotic drugs....Metacam is a non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory (NSAID) - cats have not evolved to deal with these substances and, in the case of Metacam, it destroys kidney cells. I avoid this and any other NSAID like the plague.


Three safe narcotic pain relievers are buprenorphine, tramadol and a pain patch called Fentanyl.


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If he was mine I'd take him in to get an antibiotic shot, they have them now that last 10days. (better then trying to give pills everyday)...

There is only one long-acting feline injectable antibiotic - that would be Convenia....named after its (alleged) convenience: no pilling = no fuss/no muss.


Well, not all cats find it convenient. It has been linked to many severe reactions and many deaths. A well-respected Veterinarian, Dr. Lisa Pierson, has written an article on it to be found here: It's best when refused, IMO. (And, no, it doesn't last for 10 is irreversibly lodged in a cat's system for 65 days!!!)


It is good advice to examine his paw for a few days - if you see any sign of weepage/swelling/increased discomfort - then, off to the Vet's for sure!


If it is more discomfort than pain, he'd be well served if you would isolate him inside to one small space for a few days - bed rest, so to speak.


Learning not to get into fights? Wishful thinking - and, impossible. It's for us, the guardians, to keep our little ones safe...that's where there exists a possibility for learning.

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Abcess to paw is a real struggle.  My ex feral came home with a limp.  He was fine night before at 11 pm or so by 9 am it was to point he could not walk.  He got the convenia shot and did fine.  The shot and office visit came to around 100.


Is he neutered?  Not neutered or recently neutered males will fight more.  Is he current on his rabies?

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Wow. Lots of good info here. You guys are awesome. I'll check him out and keep you update.
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