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Office cats

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I love any business that has an office pet - the local UPS Store has a great big black lab behind the counter. A bead shop has a lovely cream-colored kitty that meanders around. A print shop I applied at had a kitty walking around - and it took me considerably longer to fill out the application because Kitty kept laying on the application.

Recently I got to visit an ad agency with my class and the first thing I saw was their office kitty. I could tell he was no spring chicken, but such a social and friendly cat and he hopped right up in my lap and threw himself on me like he'd known me for years. Later, I learned that the agency has had this cat since they started up 16 years ago, and Kitty was an adult when they first got him, so he's probably about 20 years old, maybe older (the people at the agency aren't sure since they didn't know his age when they got him)! I was amazed that he could still hop up and generally be active. Obviously his age does not slow him down.

Unfortunately, office pets also run the risk of being killed because of stupid people. The local thrift store used to have a gorgeous fluffy black kitty that slept on the furniture and was friendly with customers. But he did not like his belly touched. I found this out when I did just that and he gave me a little nip on my hand - nothing that broke the skin, but just a, "Hey don't do that" kind of a thing. Then he went right back to nuzzling my hand, so it was obviously not an aggressive gesture and I understood this. I've been around cats that don't like their bellies rubbed and warning nips/scratches are common. Sadly, he did the same to another customer and because this person threw a tantrum about it, this completely innocent cat was put to sleep.

Do any businesses you've ever been to have office pets? I find such places very hard

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....I find such places very hard to not like. Sorry again, I can't edit my posts for some reason.
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I  love to see cats and dogs at offices. That way they can greet the customers when they come in.




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How about a library cat? This was a local news story:

I always look for Penny when I go to the library. smile.gif
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My vet has two office cats, both siamese. They always come over for their scrunches.
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My mother work at an office that was across the street from the owner's house. Cat Cat had the run of the office and would take care of any mice or voles that invaded her territory. She also love to play with the Venetian Blinds (metals slats) by Mom's desk. I took a photo of her doing it then enlarged and mounted it in my photo class and Mom gave it to him. The boss loved it and kept it in his office until he retired. I've been told he now keeps it in his home office

There were two private offices - one for the owner and one for the estimator. Cat Cat claimed the estimator office as her own and would nap there. When the owner hired an estimator, he was not fond of the cat in his office. Cat Cat didn't care and kept napping on the rug and when in a mood would annoy him further by playing with the blinds behind him. He had to learn to live with it because Cat Cat had seniority. laughing02.gif
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My vet has one. He is a big healthy Snowshoe-looking cat.  I have seen very few people that didn't like him.

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They have cats and dogs in nursing home for the older people how about cats in the hospital for sick kids ?



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DH says there is a warehouse he stops at for work that had a cat.  I think sometime this past year he went to one of the worker's home.  There was concern for his safety with moving equipment or something like that.  One of the workers he sees regularly used to drive a truck (tractor trailer long haul) and she kept her cat in the truck with her.  

The nursing home my Grandfather was in had a cat for each floor.  I only got to visit my Grandpa there a couple times; but my family said the cat on his floor was very friendly and would "make rounds" often.  rub.gif


I don't know of any local places here that have them.  I'd probably have enjoyed working a lot more if I was somewhere with an office cat!  One time my Mom did sneak one of her cat's into the office for a couple hours because he'd been at the vet and she didn't have time to take him home and come back to work.  He stayed in her office but man I loved it!  (We worked for the same company at the time.)  He for sure would have spent time in my lap had he been "allowed" to come regularly!  We didn't have clients in the building that day anyway! wink.gif

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