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Does your cat....

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try to sharpen his or her claws on the furniture and they don't have claws? Peaches does it and I always wonder why. [She had front declaw by her previous, idiotic owners so don't flame me! ]
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I think she's still trying to stretch all those muscles in her body. Cause that's what the clawing is, right? Stretching?
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Good point! I bet Carmella can't figure out why she gets in trouble for doing it but Peaches doesn't!
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YES! Mittens does that too...I guess he thinks he still has them.
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Sam is declawed, but he is teaching the other cats where to scratch. He's a good boy!
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Peedoodle does that all the time too. I do know that they do it to leave their scent on everything they scratch, so perhaps thats why?
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Trent does this too. Scratching is a way to mark territory and stretch the muscles in their back, which is why declawed cats still "scratch". So everyone is right.

Trent is such a good boy, though. He doesn't "scratch" the furniture or anywhere Ophelia isn't allowed to scratch. He only uses the scratching posts and scratching pads.
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Simba does, too. I panicked momentarily when I saw him doing it on the brand new couch, then remembered that he couldn't be hurting it...
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Patches and Tiger do that all the time... Thank goodness we have old furniture
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Yes, my declawed cats do it too. (I also adopted them already declawed by previous owners, would never declaw!) I think it is a natural, instinctive thing for a cat to do.
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Toes does, Tailer does not.

I have a friend who's cats were declawed before she got them too and the male does not, but the female does.
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Mine was already declawed when we found him, too.
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aw, the poor babies!
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My cat Saudi was already declawed when we got him and he "sharpens" his claws every night. He has never wanted anyone to touch his front feet either. I feel bad for him but he was already declawed when we got him. He is the boss here of 12 others so he does show them he means business when he's around even though he doesnt have claws, all he has to do is give them the look and they back away.
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Our two RB boys, Gryphon and Nibs, were declawed when we got them. I never saw Gryph "sharpen his claws", but Nibs did it all the time. He also got h*** for it, not because it was going to do the furniture any harm, but because Shasta still had all her claws, and we needed to be consistent with them.
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I have no declawed cats and none that scratch on the furniture!
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