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Our D.T. for thursday

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One more day until the weekend!


I think I'm going to be driving to westpoint NY again this weekend to see my boyfriend. I haven't made up my mind entirely, but I'm leaning that way.

Really looking forward to big brother 2 tonight, but based on the lack of response in the BB 2 thread, I'm guessing the only ones who will be watching it will be 3LK & myself (Darlene, I will call you tomorrow & we will discuss what went down)

hope that everyones week has been uneventful and carefree, (ya right, like that would happen)

Deb25, I'm still looking into cheap flight for you! you don't mind sitting with the luggage, do you? :girly1: :girly2:

have a great day everyone! :baloon: :baloon:
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Gee thanks, that's the way I always prefer to travel. You did want that storm door to function, didn't you?

I have gloriously finished 2 papers for my curriculum class. Now all I have to do is massively study for my law final.

Spent a fun $35 with Microsoft tech support this morning to rid my email of a corrupt file. That's the 2nd time that happened to me. I hate that you can't get free technical support.
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Just got up about an hour ago, not lazy but I work til 3 a.m. so I sleep in...as much as the girls will allow!

Had a good night at work last night, my customers were entertaining and actually carried on conversations on subjects other than Cars and Wrestling...i.e. societies prejudices regarding racism, gender, and gay/lesbian rights/favoritism... very refreshing. The group I spoke with included a law student from India, 2 Burmese men just here 4 months, and 2 Caucasian men...was very interesting to hear them debate...calmly. I love it when I have customers like that...wish it happened more often.

It's hot here again, and the girls are lethargic, filled the table fountain so they have fresh, cold water...they love that fountain!

Hoping for another good night, everyone have a great day!:daisy:

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I've been up since 7:30 a.m. which is early for me cuz I work nights. Brought my cat Mollie Rose to the vet. She's got an upper respiratory infection AND asthma. What do you do with asthma in a cat? Absolutely nothing. It comes and it goes. I asked the vet if they had kitty inhalers and she said no. Oh well. So now MR is on Ammoxicillin for 10 days.

I'm sleeping in tomorrow. It'll be the first day this week I haven't had something to do early in the morning.

Hope everybody had a good day today.

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want to come over & help me with my cattio? I'll pick up some pot pies from chicken out & some italian ice.

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I'm on my way chick! Better make that Chocolate Carmel Crunch Ice Cream. I've had a rotten day and italian ice just ain't gonna cut it.
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I sit at home all day. So.. this morning I woke up... and went into the bathroom to check on my babies food and water supply. One of those little rascals found the toilet paper rack thingy. Apparently they thought it was amazing how the toilet paper can go around and around and fall on you. It was all unraveled and on the floor. I can only imagine which one it was.

I woke up this morning to have Sebastian rubbing his face all over mine and Jake trying to climb up the blinds to play with the little string that you use to open and shut them.

After reading and posting on these boards I've gotten get started on laundry, clean the kitchen, and clean the bathtub. My little babies have made it habit to crawl in their after we've had showers and so the bottom of the tub isn't looking to pretty! I don't know if its a good thing or a bad thing that they are so comfortable laying in water.

So.. this is my uneventful day. :tounge2:

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Well I went to school, had 1 client (a men's haircut-my favorite thing to do!), got my own hair cut for free and after school went to the dentist for a cleaning and found out I have a stupid cavity!! I really thought they filled ALL of my teeth, I don't know why I got a cavity! After that, I left and went to tanning bed. Now I'm on the computer!
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Woke up early, so I think I haven't missed the Thursday thread in American hours.

It's the first day in the last couple of months that I am awake at this hour and fully functional! I hope this means the first trimester phase of strange side effects is getting to an end.

I'm fairly happy today - two journalists have shown interest in my press release. One of them actually said she's going to write about the site in a couple of weeks! That is so exciting!

Donna, I'm sorry to hear about MR's asthma. I think there is quite a lot of info on the subject going around. I remember that Cat Fancy had a big article about feline asthma. I can't recall much of it, other than you shouldn't smoke near cats with asthma. I don't have all my mags here with me, but if you like I can look it up for you.
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