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Wednesday's DT

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Good day everyone.

I have been in and out of meetings all day - I am tired of them. I am on break now and will be back in a meeting in 15 minutes. How is everyone doing today? Don't forget the 1st Bachelor (with Bob) is on tonight. So is Enterprise and the final Big Brother.

I will not be on-line tomorrow. I have the day off work to see the specialist. I will let you know what happens.

I finally got my adjustment pay for my promotion - it only took them a month and a half. It isn't much, but I would rather it be in my pocket then theirs.

So what is up in your neck of the woods?
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ARgh! Not a good day, it could be but I feel mainly I think because I have to accept the reality of us not getting the Ford Focus or any car for that matter. Ah well. Nada much, going to the bank later on and then pick up some groceries for a barbecue dinner for tomorrow night and Friday night.

Adymarie, keep us updated on what happens tomorrow Hope all goes well for you.

Hey MzJazz, been missing ya on the forums, been kinda in and out of the forums and each time I see ya but miss ya!

My bestfriend in France had her daughter the other day. Then I found out that my other bestfriend who lives in Florida, failed to tell me for the past nine months that she was pregnant. I get an e-mail that says her daughter was born on the 8th! ARgh! She apologized of course, she didn't even tell her parents till the day after her daughter was born! LOL! Ahhh...friends...
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It's been a good day so far. Very busy, but that is Ok because it makes the time go by faster. I'm having dinner tonight with my friend. My sister and her husband are on vacation and I am going through sister withdrawel. I car pool with my sis and we talk all the way to work, I usually will talk to her or e-mail her during the day, talk to her all the way home and most nights have dinner with her and the rest of my family (dad and brother-in-law). My dad lives with her and her husband. I can't wait till she gets back!

Hope everyone is having a good day.
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Adrienne hope everything works out for you tomorrow!

I have to work today I've been so productive on my weekend that I don't want it to stop!

OH! I bought myself a bookcase last night for $15!!!! And I assembled it myself!!!! Darrell was surprised when I got home. Finally I'm doing things for myself.

I made a couple of things in my crock-pot last night. For dinner I made Chicken a la King. mmmm. Then later I made Tomato and Herb bread. But the top fell in. What did I do wrong??
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Tired and down today. Meetings all morning and trying to sneak out early this afternoon. Finally hit emotional overload last night from the last 3 months of fighting my FeLV problem with both my indoor babies and outdoor ferals. I could sleep for months.
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It's been a great day...except that I am high on sugar because I am getting ready to take a HUGE Geology test tonight! Please send good vibes my way, I have been crashing for it since Saturday night! Other than that, I wish I was at home than here at work...
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Went to the gym this arvo, feel great! Did my upper body workout and then cardio. I am noticing an increase in my strength which really excites me!

I know I am supposed to do something tonight, but I cannot remember for the life of me, what!

I have a friend who is a builder and he told me of places where I can try and get free wood to build my cat tree. I am so excited!

Got my pinky finger in a splint, sprained it playing volleyball I cant even bend it

Tamme, I wish I knew why your bread collapsed in the middle.

Ady - good luck at the specialist tomorrow! Sending you positive vibes!

Have a great hump day ya'll!
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I forgot to attach these images to my post. Here are Kanga and Roo "helping" me build the bookcase

I'm so glad I got such smart, helpful boys!
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LMAO Tamme, love the paw print in the discreet place!
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I am tired today - physically because Simba has been waking me up all night again, so I guess I'll have to shut him out of the room again for a few days. Emotionally, because hubby and I have been in a big fight for a few days now, and it's draining. However, we did decide yesterday that we needed to at least call a truce, so went out last night for a nice dinner together, and actually had a good time. We generally get along really well, but every once in a while get into these fights and it takes awhile to get through it. I suppose no different than anyone else's marriage...

I'm trying to get laundry done and the house picked up because I'm going to my mom's to spend the weekend. It should be fun - none of the guys will be around, so we're going to work on sewing projects together. I want to get as much done as possible tonight because I want to be able to watch the season premier of the NBC shows tomorrow night, then will just leave straight from work Friday.

Tamme, those pics are precious - your cats are adorable!!
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I love those orange kitty's.. the color, so beautiful.

I am not having a good day. Everything hurts my hips, back,all of me
I have pain medication for my Arthritis but some days, I get no relief.

Ok enough whining.

It is cooler here, so nice not to have the hot sun beating down on you. I am going to try and do just a bit of gardening, I have one rose bush blooming and the flowers are just right to cut.

My little Granddaughter has her first Dentist app, I am waiting for her to call me and tell me all about it.

Have a safe day all.
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LOVE the pawprint LOL!!

Hmmm sounds like we all need a hug, good luck charms, vibes, wishes, and a freaking relaxation vacation!

ARgh! Still no car, I keep thinking on the way home from the post office that hubby got the car, but no, ah...slowly it'll sink in my head that he is not getting one.

Well hugs to everyone!
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Been a busy day for me too, mostly cleaning and errands. Took my daughter for a haircut this afternoon after school then came home and cooked dinner and watched the news. Ben and J-lo are here in the area and its causing a big stir here. Seems they visited the courthouse here in the tiny town I live close to and went shopping in the mall in Savannah and bought a truck from the local Dodge dealer yesterday. They say he has a big estate here in the area and they are here. Thats causing lots of sightings by everyone and it makes the news.
It's gonna be a busy weekend here and I'm trying to get things done around here to get ready for the weekend. My daughter birthday is this weekend, she will be 14. Not sure what we will do, and we have an away football game to go to Friday night so we will be tired by Monday.
Kimberly, sorry you didnt get your car. Hope you will get one soon.
I plan on watching TV tonite, The Bachelor and wanted to watch Big Brother, I think thats on tonite too.
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It has been MUCH too quiet at work, this week.

Since yesterday, we've been getting the remnants of Hurricane Marty and it has rained steadily. Fortunately, no flooding and not too many wrecks. On my way to work, this morning there was a traffic light out but, it didn't slow things up, too much.

Naturally, the dogs are covered in mud, as is the patio. I brush them down, before I let them in, at night. Rowdy boogied out under Pearl, this morning. When she hit the wet mud, in the yard, she did a quick about-face and headed back to the house. At least, Bill didn't have to chase her.

Soup and sandwiches, for dinner tonight. Bill and I are both achy, from the damp. His company sent everyone home at 11:00. Can't do paving, when its raining.
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chilling..surfing the net...lost a bid on a pretty 'gothic' renaissance gown from canada but oh well, the guys sells a whole bunch of them...

malynn, maybe I'll get one, my hubby is leaning more towards the sedan focus than the hatchbacks. I'm not familiar with them so we'll see...have to call up and see how much the costs are...have a good birthday for your daughter!

Hugs to everyone who needs one!
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