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Just trapped a female!!!

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I don't know whether anyone remembers me asking a while back why I never have any female ferals who come into my colony. Well...last night I got home from work a little late and saw a small cat dart off into the bushes. At first I thought is was our very shy Scooter who I see only occasionally. But I soon realized it was a new cat. It took about an hour, but the cat finally came to me and let me pet her. It was dark so I never got a real good look at her rear, but I'm pretty sure she is a she! Anyway, I swept her up and put her in a kennel we keep in the garage for the night. She is now at the vet being spayed. Yippee!

She is really skinny and obviously malnourished, but she is friendly enough to be adoptable.

Wish me luck in finding her a new home.
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Lots of luck to you! If you were able to touch her after an hour, she sure does sound tameable and adoptable. I have the opposite problem - mostly females in the feral colonies along with the males that I have neutered. The females usually don't let me touch them at all, even those that have been around for years.

Does she have a name yet???
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Congrats!!!! That is great!
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Thats great you ctched her and she sounds very sweet too . I sure wish you luck finding her a home
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I just called the vet. He estimates that she is close to a year old. She is malnourished but otherwise healthy (no FIV or FELV). I named her Jessie for now.

It looks like one of my graduate students is interested in adopting her. The student is going to sleep on it tonight and let me know tomorrow whether she wants to go to the vet and meet Jessie.

Keep your fingers crossed!
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Great job!!! Any pictures?
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But wait a minute! You don't have females at your place!

Good luck finding a home
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Renae I hope that your student's home works out for Jessie. She sounds so sweet, and I'm sure she'll be happy she happened to come to your house.
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Wow! Trapped, spayed and potentially adopted all in a day!

THAT's what I call a good day's work!!!

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Jessie just got adopted!!!

Her new mom seems to be a great young lady who was able to answer all of my intrusive questions perfectly. She fell in love with Jessie the second she saw her. I hope this is a successful adoption.
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WOW that is great
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Here's hoping!
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Omg You Trapped,Spayed & Rehomed a cat.. in an incredibly short space of time!

Clap , Clap , Clap and the crowd GOES WILD!

That's fantastic Renae!!!! I hope everything works out for her!

Hugs Sam.
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