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Clyde's New Friend

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I got a visit from my neighbor across the street, and she brought her small dachsund (Princess). Well I found out that my cat Clyde has been visiting over there when I let him out every evening. He just walks in and makes himself at home. He and the dog get along well, and he lets my neighbor pet him.

She brought the dog in when she visited, and it was fun to watch the interaction. Clyde wanted to play, and would bat at the dog and climb on his back, and Princess would just ignore him. Some of the perplexed looks on Clyde's face were priceless. Expect to see some pictures of the action in the future.

It was even funnier when Clyde saw the dog eating his food, playing with his mouse, and mainly just ignoring the cat totally.

It provided some good laughs, and she will visit a couple times a week with the dog, and they just play together real well.

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That is sweet - Clyde has a buddy!
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My cat Toby would go around making friends like this. I can't wait to see your pics
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How cute , cant wait to see some pics of that . My dog Toby play also with the cats and it is so funny to watch . No , sorry never made pictures . I never think of that
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Thats so nice! and the dog is the same size as the cat!
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