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Hi catlovers!

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Hi everyone,

I was recommended by someone to have a look at this board and I am so glad I did (thanks)! This is a great site, I cant believe how caring and helpful everyone is - its good to know that there are so many cat lovers out there. I have 7 kitties of my own at home - most are rescues of some description and they are my babies and I love them like crazy. I am from australia and work as a vet nurse so I get to see cats all day at work too Nice to meet you all!

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I forgot to tell you about my cats

Buffy - 4year old calico, she is the queen of house and the boss of everything. Dont mess with her..... She isnt aggressive at all, just very cranky if she doesnt get her own way (which she usually does).

Munchy - my angel. He is 3 1/2 fluffy soft ginger and white and the sweetest most affectionate cat ever. I am forever tripping over him though, he is a chronic leg weaver! His favourite pastimes are eating, eating and eating. Yes, he is a little chubby!

Jekyll - The naughtiest cat in the world I am sure. He was a feral kitten and though he is lovely now he can be extremely wicked at times. He is a huge cat, eats like a machine and the girls all love him. He loves to terrorise Buffy!

Kiki - she is a real scaredy cat, she had a really cruel start to life and has some mild brain damage but she is still very with it - she just forgets and does some strange things. She is a tabby/white 2 1/2 years and very small but she is a sweetie.

Homer - my big rescue. After living on the streets for 2 years I took him in and he adapted so well and is so wonderful. He is about 6 we think and a big marbled tabby cat.

Luna - my hand reared baby. A beautiful 2 year blk/wht tuxedo, she is just adorable. She always carries things in her mouth like a dog and loves to lick you. Can be snobby at times though!

Simbah - my sweet super smoochy baby. He is just 8 months and the most gorgeous long hair soft ginger cat ever. His tail is almost wider and fluffier than his entire body! Another rescue and he has a few health problems and is a lot of work but he is soooooo worth it.

Thats it for now.......
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LUNIDOO!!! My friend! I am SO glad you joined! You are going to love it here.

I am going to post your cats here for everyone to see.


I love this one.. luna and Kiki..

Kiki eating.. what an interesting way to eat :lol My fiancee's parents cat drinks water like this


Jekyll with his chicks lmao

Simbah and Munchy

And no Homer because he's camera shy
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Welcome! Great pics.
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Welcome to the site! OMG Look at that tail on Simbah!! It's HUGE!!! What a lovely passel of cats you have. I'm glad you found us here, and I look forward to getting to know you and your wild bunch.
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Hello again lunidoo. *Waves*.

Its odd that we keep bumping into each other. Same with Sicy. *Laughs*

Glad you made it here. You'll like it.

Say hello to all your furrbabies for me from me and my two furrbabies.
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lol! TaleSpier ........... Tried to get gaia over here too but she doesnt care for all the graphics..
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Hellooooo and Welcome it is nice meeting you and your babies . May I say you have very pretty cats . Thank you for giving them a wonderfull and loving home
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Sicycat - Well at least you tried. Maybe someday..... *Shrugs*

lunidoo - BTW, your cats are as beautiful as ever.
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Thanks everyone for the welcome!! I think my cats are cuties too!

HIII Sicy! You are awesome - thanks for putting my cats up for me, you are the best.

OMG, Talespier aka greycat - I didnt recognise you! Its so great that you are here too. *waves jumping up and down*

Cant wait to read about all the kitties on here, thanks again for the 'hi's'.
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Check out the Fur Pictures only forum in the Cat Lounge
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Welcome Lunidoo! Looks like you guys are all buddies!

Beautiful kitties!

Hugs Sam
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Thanks Wellington Cats! Yep, we met on another (gasp) board and Sicy rocks so I had to come and see where she hangs out I am going to look at everyones elses kitty pics now. I had a quick look before and there are so many cuties....where to begin
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Great Stuff!

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Welcome 'Home' lunidoo to The Cat Site!
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Thanks rfox. What a cutie little Amber is too!
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