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My 5 kitties

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At the very top is Rusty. Below him is Shadow. To the left is Cleo. At the bottom is Apollo (left) and Czarina (right). As you can see they're all asleep. This is the only time I've seen them all in one location together.

Here's the best pic I have of Apollo. This picture was one shown on Q13 Fox in Seattle on August 4th. He is a Munchkin.
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Wow! A munchkin kitty cat?! How precious! I didn't know they existed! More pictures, more, more, more, more!!!!!!
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Woah.. I've heard of Munchkins but I've never actually seen someone here that has a pic of one. Yes more please!
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Oh my gosh, Apollo is SO cute! And getting a picture of all 5 kitties can't be easy.

I believe Sandie and Ken (Imagyne) breed munchkins. I wonder if they post pictures in the Breeders Corner. (I don't visit that forum often.)
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Munckins are cute!
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
Munckins are cute!
Wow that's a change from back in July!

I don't know anything about Munchikins but I would like to. Munchkinman, can you educate me?

Originally posted by WellingtonCats Munchkins came to New Zealand a few years back and all they have brung with them is Debate & Argument! I feel it's a deformation of the "cat". However...
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I'll work on an article about Munchkins.

For now here's a site with info on them:

As that link states Munchkins are the result of a natural genetic mutation. As I understand it the gene(s) that causes the short legs are dominant.

Along with the article I will work on taking and scanning more pictues of both Apollo and Czarina. Ideally I'll have side-by-side pictures of Apollo with Rusty or Shadow to show size difference.

In the meantime, here's a pic of Czarina at the time we got her. She was only a few months old.
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AWWW how cute! I'm going to visit that link you posted now and will watch for more pics and info! My Persians have kind of short stubby legs too. Not quite as short as your kitty though.
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Hey guys, if you want to see some more munchkins, check out the sandkats.com to see all the beautiful cats Imagyne and Sandie have. They are longtime members of the Cat Site. There is also a thread in the forums with a link to their Litter Cam so you can see the birth of their latest litter which is due any time now.
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Your bed has the same decoration as mine MunkinMan......fitted cover, fitted sheet and last but not least...FITTED CATS....LOL.
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Great pics! Munchkins are SO cute!

My understanding of Munchkins is that the short leg gene has been present, but mainly recessive. Breeders took cats with this short-legged trait and selectively bred so that this trait became dominant in that breed's genepool. Pretty much the same thing that Persian and Exotic breeders have done to get the smooshy face. They aren't mutants, just selective genetic selection.
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Pretty cats!

If you want more info about Munchkins, Sandie and her husband Ken (Imagyne) breed them (they are both mods here. Her is their website http://www.sandkats.com/
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You got some cute cats . Thanks for sharing some of the special moments in pics with us .
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They're so cute .
I love the little legs!!!
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