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Berkley's Vet Visit

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I took Berkley to the vet yesterday becuase she has a swollen lip. The vet says it is an absess and gave her some anitbiotics to take. He also gave her 2 shots in the hips and sent her home with me. This morning Berkley is having trouble walking. She growls when she moves I am getting ready to take her back to the vet in 15 minutes. Please send get well Berkley vibes!
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Definitely sending the vibes.
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Sending Berkley vibes from over here.

Good luck!
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I hope she's feeling better soon!
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Feel better soon vibes for Berkely!
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I'm sending all my positive get well vibes for Berkley
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Get well Vibes for Berkley

Let us know how your visit to the vet works out :flower:
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Positive vibes coming from Kansas City.

How is Berkley?????
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Aww get well Berkley! How was the visit today?
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Hoping Berkeley is better...sending vibes!
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Poor Berkeley - I hoped he feels better soon!
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The vet said that Berkley is just sore from the vaccines that she got yesterday. He said that they started giving them in the back legs for safety reasons, in case there is a problem they can just amputate the legs and not have to put the cat to sleep! I was like what!!!
And...I didn't even know he was giving her vaccines when we were there yesterday! He never asked if I wanted her vaccinated! I was just taking her there because of her swollen lip. I thought the shots were medicine for that NOT vaccines! I guess there was a little communication problem as to why Berkley was seeing him?
I never once mentioned vaccines to him. And I had to pay for them on top of the visit for her lip. That kinda irritates me.

Anyways, Berkley is still a little sore to the touch on her legs but she is up and walking better now.

Thanks for all the get better Berkley vibes!!!
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Oh and another thing, my finger is all swollen. Its kinda funny how it got that way.
The vet's office adopts out kittens and they keep them in a big cage up front in the lobby. I always feel sorry for them and want to give them loving. I opened the door to the cage and two of the kittens go running out. I did this without asking, so I tried to grab them real quick and put them back or at least get them in the general area of the cage so I could pet them.
Well one took off WAY on the other side of the office behind the secretary-LOL! I went chasing around her desk and back to a swinging door where the kitten was. Just the time I went to pick up the kitten, the doctor came thru the door and smacked me in the head! The kitten jumped using my pinky finger as a spring board! I started bleeding ALOT, like dripping on the floor of the lobby. OUCH!
The secretary jumped up and grabbed the kittens and put them back in the cage, I had to be bandaged by the doctor! What a big mess, all because I wanted to pet the cute kittens (I don't think they like me too much there, I am always causing kitten problems-lol!)
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OMG, I would be really angry if my vet did that without consulting me!

Not only do I *not* appreciate other people spending my money for me, but did the vet know when Berkely had last been vaccinated? Is it safe if there is overlap? (I have no idea, it may be just fine.) And maybe it's no big deal to the vet if someone's pet needs his/her legs amputated, but it would certainly be a big deal to me! If you're only kinda irritated, you're more calm than I think I would be...

On a happier note, I'm glad to hear that she's going to be OK.
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I'm very glad to hear that Berkley is doing okay!

However, the vaccinations if they did overlap then it will only cancel out the first set of vaccinations. As for the Vet giving the vaccinations without your permission, I would be absolutely FURIOUS!

I would also be looking for another Vet who actually cares whether or not they have back legs or not! Sounds to me like your Vet doesn't care to much about what the owners think! GRRRRRRRR
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Has she been vaccinated there before & was due again?

If not, I'd be pretty p.o.'d! What if she'd had a history of vaccine reactions? You're always supposed to watch a cat for a while after it's vaccinated to make sure there isn't a reaction. If they didn't tell you they were vaccinating her, how were you to know???

I hope she's feeling better soon.

*on a positive note, the fact they vaccinated in the legs shows they're current with vaccine protocols - vaccine sarcoma is rare, but if it appears on the leg you can save a life by amputation, but if a cancer appears from vaccination on the neck, there's not much to be done.
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I too would find another vet! They didnt even tell you, or ask. When Amber got her stitches out from her spaying the vet didnt get all the stitches. I got it out myself instead of taking her all the way back to the vets. I never went back again.

How is your finger?
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I'll burn some moldavite incense and do some heavy vibe sending with some healing stones to help Berkley continue to heal quickly.


If you open up your heart it will be filled with love.
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Berkley is doing better tonight, she can walk ok now. If i try to pick her up she still growls like she is sore. Her lip looks better tonight for some strange reason??? Maybe because he poked at it and moved the fluid around yesterday?
Thanks everybody, she seems to be doing alot better than she was this morning.
Yay for Berkley!!!
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Glad Burkley is feeling better!
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