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help w/ vry preg kitty! MINE AND MY CATS FIRST LITTER!!!

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Hey guys so my cat is a year old and i was obv slow on getting her spayed. My est is that she is in her last week. She has flaky white, what i thoight was dry skin, on her dark pink nipples she been having discharge for a little while. I can feel the babies moving around a lot. Ive had a box ready since the day i could tell she was prego. What can i expect what shoukd i look for and when will this all happen. Shes not a very vocal cat so im scared she wont tell me whats goinh on. Can anyone give me an idea of how long ill be waiting for these kittys and what to expect! Sorry i posted this in someone elses post, i cant figure out how to write my own. Thank you for any help!
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Hey guys so my cat is a year old and i was obv slow on
getting her spayed. My est is that she is in her last week. She has flaky white, what i thoight was dry skin, on her dark pink nipples she been having discharge for a little while. I can feel the babies moving around a lot!!! Ive had a box ready since the day i could tell she was prego, seeing as im SO EXCITED. What can i expect, what shoukd i look for, and when will this all happen. Shes not a very vocal cat so im scared she wont tell me whats goinG on. Can anyone give me an idea of how long ill be waiting for these kittys and what to expect! I know its hard to tell anyone how long but maybe stories of experiences would help!! Im so excited and im having a hard time waiting! Any advicw or tips are so so welcome as well. I know there is a high population on cats and i hate that im adding to it, but i love my anumals more then me abd i absolutely plan to have her fixed asap after the babes are born!!!Thank you for any help!
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Make sure the kittens are spayed/neutered before they go to new homes, too! Don't want their new owners to be slow getting them fixed and adding more to the problem (girls can get pregnant as early as 4 months, they should all be fixed by 6 months at the latest, but it can--and should--be done at 8-10 weeks/2 pounds, before they go to new homes). Hopefully you won't have trouble finding good homes. . .it can be very challenging.

Hmm, do you know when she got out? Cats are pregnant for about 9 weeks, so if you know when she got out you can have a pretty good guess. If you don't know, all you can do is wait. How long have you been able to feel the kittens? Usually you can feel them for the last 2 weeks. Most of the time, cats will give birth with no assistance, and you should just let her do her thing. But do keep the vet's number handy, if she's straining actively for more than half an hour with no results, she'll need professional assistance. Make a nice cozy nest for her in a secluded area, but she may have other ideas.

Get a good digital kitchen/mail scale, one that weighs in grams, and weigh the kittens every day at about the same time. You want them to gain around 10 grams a day on average (a little less one day is OK if they catch up the next day), if they don't you might have to supplement them, or it may mean that kitten is sick and will need vet care.

Make sure the mother is getting a high-quality diet, you may even want to switch her to kitten food for the extra nutrients. She needs as much as she can eat---while nursing she may need 3-4 times as much as normal! She should be getting at least some canned food (even if she doesn't get it normally), as the extra moisture will help her milk production. Stock up on non-clumping litter, as the kittens will go through tons of it tongue.gif . The kittens should stay with their mother and littermates for 10-12 weeks--they learn a lot of cat lessons in those last weeks.

Have fun and post pictures!
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I still cant get over the fact that i allowed her to get pregnant. It was complete carelessness. And irresponsible. But i will gladly take responsibility for my actions, get her fixed, the babies fixed and the babies shots. Im just so anxious! I dont want to miss it. I wanna be there for her. I know not to move her or fuss with her but just as moral support. Its gotta be within the next week. I think shes at about 60 days. Maybe more! Ive been told if you can see milk residue dried on the nipples abd you can feel movement its close. My bfs little brother has been sayinh he could feel them all last week. So its the end of the second week of movement! Which supposedly is near the end. Ive had the nest box ready foreber and shes accustomed to it...im just so excited you have no idea. Thank you for your help!
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Wow your post is the EXACT same as my situation. My cat is around 63-67 days. She's also had discharge. There is no leaking milk but yes same here with white flakes. Very anxious
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I just wish id know when theyd be here! I wanna be present for delivery. And be able to help her through it! Its nerve wracking to have it be her first litter. I dont want any issues and i want her to.be ok. I just need some moral support more then anything! And good advice! Keep me posted on you please? You send me pics ill send you. Whosevers comes forst will let the other know there experiences ok smile.gif
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She's ready to pop!!

Dora is only almost 11 months old and she was very petite so I really want to be there for delivery too.
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She is beautiful! I wish you all the luck in the world! For a speedy healthy and fruitful delivery and all healthy kittys!!! I cant manage to post a pic but good luck!!!
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Pretty sure my kit is about the same..white flakes and movement..hope it wont be long..
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Although kit will be spayd after this im so exited and wish i was more educated in her pregnancy so i wouldnt worry because its her first litter..no matter what i will be THERE lotd knows i wont leave her..my prayers for u both..
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This is my beautiful girl roxy in her nest box. Gettin ready
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Very adorable mommie
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Shes realy pretty.
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She is huge! Very little movement...but still some!! Shes playing on her activity mat so idk if shes as close as i thought. What do you guys think?
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Its funny how stressed we all get. She is a baby to me! My biggest fear is she wont tell me its happening and i won't be able to be tgere for her...such a scarey feeling
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My girl is tha same size the movement has slowd some..i have the same fear i want to be there for her its her first litter shes getting restless im gettin impatient.lol
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Same here crystal im so impatient. And she is restless. Im feeling she will drop soon shes already started to i believe. It looks low dont you think
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Kits tummy has dropped now and she bit my son for messin with her nest..Shes never bit anyone..wonder what this is..
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It looks like a mod has moved your post so now it is in it's own thread. smile.gif


As a general rule labor usually begins about two weeks after you see/feel the kittens moving. So, if you know when that was that can give you a little bit better of an idea. But, as far as an exact estimate it's just not possible unless you know when she conceived. Unfortunately cats have not read the manual on signs they should exhibit prior to labor and constantly leave us guessing. Some of the more common ones are excessive licking of the genitals, loss of appetite, seeming unsettled and rooting around for a place to give birth, and increased affection towards you. Even though you have her birthing box ready does not necessarily mean she will use it. You can increase the likelihood that she will by making sure it's in a quiet, dark area (and putting a blanket over the top really helps increase the appeal) and by blocking off areas that you don't want her to go. Under the bed or under a dresser are common places Queens want to go because they seem so safe but they really aren't as you can't get to her if she needs help. So, make those areas inaccessible and make her nest super attractive. Also, make sure you have your birthing kit ready. Here is a good link that explains what all you will need: http://www.thecatsite.com/t/80724/all-about-pregnancy-labor-delivery-in-cats


I wish I could tell you more but unfortunately it's just a waiting game at this point. If it's any consolation I have known before each of my fosters went into labor. There was just a subtle shift in their personalities that I knew they were getting close. You know your girl and hopefully she will indicate to you that it's time. Until she does though make sure you check on her every few hours so that you don't miss it!


vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifWishing you a safe delivery and happy, healthy babies. We love pictures so be sure to let us know how it goes! 

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News to make sure no people or animals mess with the nest... It's like territorial. If it gets disturbed she will go somewhere else. Put the nest someone that is less trafficked. Sounds like a very hormonal kitty ;-) she may be like that with the kittens too. Mine got a little fiesty when I was petting her the other day and she's always a very friendly and loveable cat
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Ya my cat is actually making me sad because of how detached she is. I go to pet her and she gets right up moves and lays back down...she bummin me out cuz shes always lovable. But shes actually reverting to more detached actions. I tried taking her temp under leg while she was drinking water...it said 96.0° but i was following her arpund for the last few seconds. Idk would that even be an accurate reading!? Or should a add like 2° because i was following her? Shes just acting so edgy and anxious and detached. And again shes normally so lovey. Should i not takeit personally or shoukd i take this as clise to labor behavior? With my calculations she shoukd be around 60days...could we be close?
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Mine has a temp of around 99.5 for a week now. So apparently she has a normal low temp. We've been anticipating for a week so we are anxious at this point.
I wouldn't bother her too much and stress her out. If she lets you then fine, but not worth the stress it could put on her.
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Ya im just not gonna mess aroind with her. Shes in the nest box breathing heavy but steadily. I just wanna see contractions! I can feel the babies but not a.ton. i just want it to be now!! Ugh my god i wish i could fast forward to the day right nooow!
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Thank you for this. Its always good to have someone elses perspective. Sadly my bf is prob goong to kill me before theyre born seeing as all i talk about and look at and read about is the process what well need and getting things ready! This waiting game is not for me!!! I know we're getting close so its become unbearable. Im constantly staring at her hoping for a sign. Shes actually retracted from the affection thing. She has white flakes on her nipples.some discharge, deep breathing and discomfort it seems. Also the movement has slowed a bit but is still there...When she finally settles she loves a good belly rub but before then she almost looks at me with disgust when i pet her gets up moves a foot away and plops back down. Ive been giving her space but i just couldn't live with myself if iwasny there for the birth to make her feel safe and okay (seeing as this is her first time). Im so anxious. As any good pet owner would be i suppose tho.
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If you take her temperature daily so you get an idea of what is normal,  when you see a drop of about 2 degrees F. or 1 degree C.,  it usually is a sign that labor will start within 24 hours.    


 But you only should do it if she does not get super stressed out by having her temp taken.  


   The fabcats site has a good article on feline parturition.  which is a fancy way of saying cat birth. http://www.fabcats.org/breeders/infosheets/breeding_from_your_cat/felineparturition.html


And here is a more brief one  http://www.cat-world.com.au/parturition-birth-in-cats

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Haha yup you pretty much sound like everyone else who has ever played the kitten waiting game! It does become very consuming because you just don't know when it will be. The fact that they are moving less can be a sign that they are dropping into position for labor. And, the same can be said for her withdrawal. Some cats become overly affectionate while others get more moody and want their space. Even if she's not wanting you to touch her right now you should still be present for the birth (and it sounds like wild horses couldn't keep you away). Most of the time Queens don't need anything but it's important to be there just in case. If she doesn't want any affection that's fine and you should just watch from afar, keeping track of kitten colors, placentas, and time of birth if you can but if she does don't be afraid to talk to her and give her little pets to reassure her. She will let you know how involved she wants you to be. 


Since I'm not sure of the background here I have to add the obligatory reminder that she can come into heat again very quickly after labor. So, it is imperative that she stay indoors and away from any intact males until after she is spayed. smile.gif


Hopefully she doesn't make you wait too much longer. Everything that you are saying makes it sound like she is super close. C'mon kittens! 

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Originally Posted by maewkaew View Post

If you take her temperature daily




And do NOT put a thermometer in her rectum - take it under her arm or leg, or in her ear if you have one of those gadgets.

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Hahah wils horses could NOT keep me away. Ypu are correct! But ya i think we're really close. She and the kittens will be fixed and all that! I work as a waitress and am starting nursing school sooooo i havr a weird schedule. I have someone watching here with my number on hand though. Hopefully i can get away wheb they cone
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This is her! Nesting and needing my bfs bed. She seems restless. Every once and a while it looked like she was aboutt to poop. Like a push while she was standing up? Could this be a first sigb or simply baby twitches.
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My cat also love to lay on my bed but only in one spot. Tinkerbell has that white flacky stuff on her nipples and they are very pink hard and long! Your the first person i have seen post about it i was getting worried ! Good luck hope the kittens come soon im so impatient about mine coming

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