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What to do about bully cat?

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Hey there about 2 weeks ago some strange very big cat has came into our neighborhood and started bullying other cats. Now this little bugger is both a coward and vicious. VERY vicious first time i saw it was in my entry and it was beating up some small cat and there was fur all over the place i managed to scare it off very easily because it runs away from any cat near its size and considering im a very big guy it turned tale and ran. After that a few days later it was attacking the smaller and more peaceful of my twin cats(Poppy) but both my dog and Poppy's sister scared it off once again.

Anyway today it was attacking a young cat, cornering it like it was a mouse and biting its neck and face, i managed to run after and grab it by the scruff of its neck(once again the thing is slow and thick as anything) and i think its a male. I have had to scare it away 2 other times now and i got a good look at the smaller cats injurys. Cuts and scratches on its ear,face and and a bit of its leg.


Now in my mind i have three options 1) try to find out were it lives and talk to the owner and if its male neuter it. 2)Hit it and hope it pisses itself and never comes back. and 3) Kill it, it seems rather extreme but if it keeps going for small cats and im not around to scare it i think its only a matter of time until it kills one of those. I Honestly don't care if i have to kill it i may be a pacifist 99% of the time but i have next to no patience when it comes to bullys like this little git.


And i am very sorry for this rather aggressive first post but i am not in a good mood ;)


Thank you in advance.

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How about trap and neuter it?
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I agree TNR would be the best thing.  First try to find if he has an owner, and very calmly and politely (while looking big and kinda intimidating, which should be no trouble for you) explain that the cat is bullying the cats around you.  Please don't hit or kill it.  Use a BB gun and shoot behind it, the sound will scare the crap (and pee) out of it.  I use a Umarex CO2 pistol for this, about 30 bucks.

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Well.....if you have a drama could try what my roommate does.  We have a large cat that comes around our place and tries to get into garbage....belongs to a neighbor who just lets it run loose.  Roommate waits till the cat gets close, then opens the door just a crack and makes these godawful hissing, cat screaming noises.  Stray runs like something is trying to kill him and usually stays away for several months....although we sometimes see him looking at our house from a distance, searching for the "monster cat".

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