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Desperately Need Help

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A fellow breeder in my area recently contacted me in hopes that we could work together. After speaking with her on numerous occassions, I concluded that she was really nice but a little ill-informed. She has a learning disability, but shes thriving well(has 2 kids etc.) I figured that was o.k. because we all had to start somewhere. So, I drove to her house and was horrified to what I saw. First, her house was so terrible it should be unfit for humans. Second, although she had show cats with excellent pedigrees, they were a mess. They had alot of minor problems that could be cleared up easily, and all have had their shots. However, I found this one tiny kitty who was the worst. I took her on the spot but I didn't think she'd make the 1hour drive back to my house! I took her to the vet. She was felv,fip negative thank god, but were not out of the woods yet. She has worms, green puss in her eyes and nose, sever anemia (her blood was like water) and she only weighed 1.4lbs at 3 months old. Her skin is flaking off and her fur is practically gone. He gave me meds for her and she goes back in a couple days for a check up & more tests. My question is what should I do with this lady. I feel she shouldn't get in trouble because she's special ed and dosn't know any better. But she can't do this with the cats any more. Help! Were in Pennsylvania.
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First off keep her name and her cattery name off of public boards. If she is CFA or TICA Registered there is a certain protocol you follow to report her. Contact the local breed rescue for that breed, they will help you as well. But move very slowly and cautiously and do not let anyone know who she is unless they are in direct authority over her to do something about these conditions. If she is a backyard breeder, then call the local rescue organization for that breed and ask for guidance.
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Yu might also talk to your local Humane Society to see whether they have anyone who can come and educate the lady on how to properly care for cats.
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Good luck, and please keep us posted! How's the little kitty you adopted?

Thank you for taking steps to do something about this terrible situation. I understand your desire to move carefully because of her learning disability, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. And that phonecall started it all... and I pray you will be able to help her and help her help her cats. They should not have to suffer because of her disability. You are doing a wonderful thing.

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Those poor cats! Good luck with it! Keep us posted!
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