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My Vet, in Ca asked if I wanted my cat to have one.
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Sicy, Corkscrew says "smile" HeeHee you can't deny him a happy smile. You don't want to upset Corkscrew now do you

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aww Sicy it will be okay, you will get ust to the new kitten and Zoey will be okay with it, stop worrying, you are such a good mom to Zoey she is so lucky, that land lord sounds like a witch, people like that make me ill!!!! if i hit the lottery i will buy ya a house dont hold your breath though, it dont look like im ever gonna win.... you hang in there, you have been through some changes and it will get better...
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Sicy my friend-

This sucks, Your landlord sounds like an absolute PRATT!(That's my last name so I can use it in any text I want). I don't know anything about Rabies as we don't vaccine against that sort of thing here.

So sorry I'm not much help hun.. Sending you tonnes of hugs to you and the two blue bombs!

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: Corkscrew is a sweetheart!
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You guys are so sweet. I'm feeling ok right now. The brats are doin their own thing. Hasnt been any wrestling tonite.. they're just kinda hangin out.. this is what I want LOL. I already want Saki to hurry up and grow up That's terrible isnt it.

Zoey is such a wonderful girl. I am very proud of her for what she has to put up with. Saki eats her food, uses her litterbox, plays with her toys, sleeps on her perch and she just goes with it. She is such a sweetheart. And she still greets me and meows at me and gives me headbonks so I'm very happy about that.

And that's my FAVORITE picture of Corkscrew
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