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baby teeth

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Ok so I looked in buddys mouth and I could see where his baby teeth are trying to come in they havnt fully came out but I can see every one very well. How soon can I give him solid food because his teeth that I can see are very discomferting to Tabby.
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Don't introduce solids too early---their gut flora isn't developed enough until they're older, and it can cause digestive issues. I usually start introducing solids to orphans around 3 weeks, although they don't really eat it properly for another week or so. Kittens who are still with their mother may wait even longer to start eating solids. Just feed his mother where he can see her, and start giving him his own dish when he's around 3 weeks old, but don't expect him to really get into it right away. And it will be messy! laughing02.gif
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Oh I forgot to mention he is going to be 2 weeks old alil after midnight and they ain't all the way out yet but are already causing discomfert but Tabby isn't stopping her feeding him. She still lays back and relaxs but she does meow at him like it is hurting her alil.
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He will start to eat solid food in his own good time, usually at 3-4 weeks old.  Make sure you feed Tabby where he can see it happening, and in shallow dishes he can explore once he is more mobile.  There is no need to 'introduce' him to solid food.

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I have moved her dish to over to my side of the bed so he can see her eat at drink her water I think he has already drunk alil water cause I looked over and he had his head looking in the water
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