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picture of my baby boy

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So what do guys think of the joy of my life! He does have a mischievous look!!!
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He is abosolutely gorgeous!! That is bengal isn't it? He is an absolute cutie pie!! What is his name?
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I think that your boy is wonderful!
I love his markings and coloring.
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He's beautiful!!! What's his name?


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Sorry - his name is Loki and at the time the picture was taken he was 9 month old. Now at 16 months he weighs in at 12.2 lbs, but I think we have growth spurt comming up since he has been eating like a piglet for the past week.
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Yes, he is a Bengal. I adopted him from a breeder who thought he was tooooo shy to sell and would have turned him into a barn cat. Now after lots of TLC he has the most lovely, loving temperament
I could have wished for.
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he is absolutely precious! what a sweet, sweet boy
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He is beautiful! I almost adopted a cat from a breeder whose name is Loki! It just didn't work out. He is a munchkin and I guess she is still using him as a stud.
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He's a cutie, alright. He looks a lot like my Joey in the face and body style.
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Oh I love him!!! I just love his spots!!! Thanks for showing us the picture!
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Loki is beautiful. I'm glad you gave him a home.
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: your baby boy seems to have the expression"now what can I get into" Look! I think he's beautiful
clarise and her purrson Kathy
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What a hansome looking cat! Looks like he'll be a heatrbreaker with the ladies when hes older!! :laughing: :laughing2
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What a "Beautiful Bouncing Baby Bengal Boy!"
There are years of FUN ahead for your household!!!! :pinky:
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Hell603 - he's sooo cute!! I absolutely love him!!!!!
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Precious and full of energy, I bet!!
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