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help!!! pacey won't stay inside.

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OK i've had this problem with pacey before. She likes to sit by the back door and wait for it to open adn then dart outside into the bushes. A couple of times she has been outside for several hours before i even noticed she had gotten out. she hasn't done this for several months now and now all of a sudden shes doing it again. i wouldn't be so worried but we kive on a busy street and she has almost gotten run over before (she made about 12 cars slam on their brakes one time to miss her). when she does get out she seems to stay near our yeard i haven't found her any farther than two houses down before. can anyone help? i don't know what to do. i cna't think of anything i did the last time she did this that would make her stop. thanks!
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First is your kitty fixed? This helps curb the desire to roam. Next I would recomend that you put a note on the door to remind yourself to watch for her and place her in another room when you need to go out. Try bringing in a few leaves that fall off the trees to amuse herself with indoors. (Make sure they haven't been sprayed with insect poison.)

If all else fails can you build a small run outside for her to play in? This way she can go outside unsupervised and yet still feel the grass beneath her paws.
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i may try and build a run for her. she loves to be outside and i don't haev much time to walk her around on her harness. she is fixed,thank god otherwise we'd have ended up eiht at least two litters of kittens by now i'm sure. she does play with the crickets in our basement adn often brings them up to my room or the kitchen. thanks for replying!
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My cat got out, I think it was the first month I got him.
He was gone for one night. I found him in the garage the next morning.

He now darts for the door each time I go near it.
When the doorbell rings I put him in the spare bedroom until I am sure the door is shut.

I am thinking of a outdoor run also.
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