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vomitting cat every day this week

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Normally, when she vomits, it's when she's had too many snacks.

But I've stopped giving her snacks days ago, and she's still vomiting. She doesn't do it more than once a day, and it's usually at night. It isn't right after she eats.

Also, recently it seems the hair on her bottom lip is thinning, so it looks like she's got really red lips.

I am taking her to the vet tomorrow, but do you have any advice? If it's any help, she is a himalayan.

A couple months ago, she had a rodent ulcer that we got cured up with a cortisone shot, and it hasn't returned (thank goodness). Could that have anything to do with this?

My baby and I thank you for your help.
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You didn't say how old your kitty is. Is she vomiting up wads of hair or is it food or fluid? I'm glad you are taking er to the vet. It should shed some light on what is going on with your baby.
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Oh sorry,

She just turned 3. Believe it or not she's never coughed up a hair ball!

I'm sure it's food, because sometimes when she vomits, I see pieces of it in there. It's an orange color and sometimes it's more mushy solid (for lack of a better term), but the past two days it's been more fluid-like.

She doesn't eat canned food, only dry Chef's Blend.
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I would switch her food slowly to something less harsh on her system. Iams is good, Royal Canin has a blend for senstitive stomachs, but you are giving her a really inexpensive blend with not much more than filler in it. Not the best food out there. For a cat to vomit as much as you say she is, is a great cause for concern. They dehydrate very quickly and can become anemic as well.
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