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Brown kitten

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We have aBrown kitten !
Is it valuable? Where could find a buyer/breeder who might want it? Ron ronkleim@att.net
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A Brown kitten is just any other color. Is it pure bred? Or just a moggie?

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I'm not a cat expert or a breeder, so I appreaciate the feedback. I don't know the proper terms for things, so bear with me here. OK, you just don't see a BROWN cat everyday! it's not pure bred, but I thought the Havana brown breeders might want some new genetics to beef-up what is a very limited gene-pool. After all, what breeders call a "pure bred Havana" was created from a black long hair and a chocolate point Siamese. Any comments?
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Yes but if the cat isn't registered then they can't use it. When you start a breed it's usually created from other breeds then they try to get the breed recognized. But once the breed is recognized and registered only cats with papers can be used to breed. I've seen a litter of brown kittens at the shelter. As cute as they are I still recommend that you enjoy your cute special pet and get him neutered.
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Oh well, I figured . Just thought I'd get lucky once in my life......
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Yes you can't just use any cat to Spice up the breed unless it's a recognised breed you can cross breed to, like persian/exotic for example.

Do you have pics of the little scamp?

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I bet he is a handsome guy! Would love to see photos!!!
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Glad to see interest in this cool kitten! I'll take pics tomorrow and post 'em here. okey dokey
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I want to see picture too!!
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Look Forward to seeing pictures!
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Famous brown kitten
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Oh How Cute! He looks a touch like a Havana Brown/Burmese cross type thing.

Are you keeping him?
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He's such a cutie, I love his eyes.
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Oh, he is cute. What a pretty face.
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