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I Cry for You.....

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....because no one else will....

You came into our lives 6 years ago. Your mom Blackie delivered her annual spring kittens by the food bowl as she typically did. You were all head with a tiny little red-tabby body so we called you “Headâ€. You learned the allusive ways of your mother, and we were only allowed to get close and pet you right before you delivered your kittens. You then slunk out of our sight, appearing only briefly, until the next litter was due.

You trusted us to take care of your kittens. We found your first boy Bob Marley in a box in the garage. We took him in and loved him. You delivered the other litters to us after that. We tried to rescue as many as we could, but your daughters learned your allusive ways very well. When you sensed the storm coming this spring, you trusted us to protect your kittens and brought them to us 2 hours before the tornado hit. We sheltered them for you as you knew we would. Your sons were usually big red tabby boys and most had what we called the “mellow geneâ€. Pinky and Ruby have been wonderful boys for the last 3 years. Your daughters were mostly torties and as skittish as you and your mother were.

Your daughter TJ gave us 3 beautiful babies (Scarlett, Twinkle Toes and Maggie) before she disappeared 2 years ago when her kittens were 3 weeks old. TJ, I cry for you because no one else will.

Your daughter Flashback gave us 4 beautiful babies (Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Jake and Elwood) before she disappeared in May when her kittens were 10 days old. Flashback, I cry for you because no one else will.

Sometime last year, a wandering Tom, sick with FeLV infected you and you passed it on to your last 2 litters. Morrison and Hendrix were wonderful in their short lives, and ironically, thru a gross-human error, passed it onto their older brother Ruby. Morrison, Hendrix and your littermates George and Ringo, I cry for you, because no one else will. Your little red-boy crossed last Friday and your calico girl crossed this morning. For you 2 whom I never even named, I cry for you because no one else will. And Head, I promise to take care of your remaining calico daughter and my boy Ruby when it is their time to cross the bridge. I will cry for them, because no one else will.

You disappeared in early June when your last litter was barely weaned. This was unlike you, as you were a fantastic mom and usually didn’t leave them until they were a little older. I don’t feel your presence anymore and only wish that however you passed, it was painless. Head – I cry for you, because no one else will.

Head, the Matriarch of our red-dynasty. Daughter of Blackie. Niece of Larry, Indie and Tanfoot. Sister of Stumpy, Tigger, Eight-Ball and Molly. Mother of Bob Marley, Pinky, Ruby, TJ, T2, Flashback, Morrison, Hendrix, George, Ringo, Lucky, Red-boy, Calico sisters. Grandmother of Scarlett, Twinkle Toes, Maggie, Muddy Waters, Koko Taylor, Jake and Elwood…..

For all my feral babies – I cry for you, because no one else will....

Thanks for listening.
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that's so touvhing. i love it. i'm sitting here crying right now because it reminds me of my cats that i've lost. they'll always be with me and i miss them so much. i just wish i could've given them a better life than they had. thank you for sharing that.
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How beautiful and very touching. I hope she is happy wherever she is and free from any pain. Bless your heart. SHe knew you would be there for her.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

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that is so beautiful... i'm feeling sad and all... they will be at the bridge and playing together....
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I am so very sorry to hear about Head.
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We cry with you. What a touching tribute.
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