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Very pregnant cat acting like she's in heat. Labor??

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My cat is very pregnant, at minimum 8 weeks, could be up to 9-10 weeks. A week ago she began acting like she is going to go into labour soon. Nesting frantically (but doesn't seem to "love" any of the 5 spots I tried), very affectionate, meowing (but not the labour howling) just to get more attention. I noticed the male cat has been in backyard a couple times past few days too. Her babies have become very active inside her and I can feel one very low between her legs, but one is as far up as her ribs still. She's been grooming herself a lot, more just licking all over, not specifically her birthing area. A couple time I've caught her laying on stomach with her butt slightly tilted up like she did when in heat. Also she is desperately wanting outside, scratching at doors and sitting at windows (like in heat). She follows me around the house a lot and sleeps a majority of the day. Lastly the past 2 days all of the above have increased and I keep thinking she's going to have kittens soon. When she's resting she will cringe and let out a low soft groan. Are these contractions or just discomfort? Does early labor mimic signs of in heat? This is my first pregnant cat and my 3 yr old daughter is so anxious and it's hard to keep her contained so Dora (the cat) feels comfortable. Also Dora is only 11 months old and was so extremely tiny before pregnancy that she was mistaken as the baby of her siblings with the size difference. She's pretty decent in size now, not as big as typical cats but she was small to start. Any help?! I'm trying to be patient but very excited and wish I knew how much longer.
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Also there has been no fluids or mucous plug. No intense contractions either, just light ones that are questionable if they are or just discomfort.
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I believe I can feel 3-5 kittens. She's very big compared to prior, ill find pic from before
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This is Dora around the time she was in heat. So tiny
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8-9 wks pregnant -taken 2 days ago
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8-9 weeks pregnant - pic taken last night
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My cat is pregnant... we think? She is also very young, and is acting like she is in heat. I believe she is around 5-6 weeks pregnant, but again we are not positive. Also, before we thought she was pregnant she had worms, and got her deworming medication. She keeps meowing very loud, and passing from room to room. Normally, she just sleeps on the couch all day. She is also sticking her but up in the air like she used to do when she was in hear? How did it turn out for you? What happened? 

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My cat's going through the same thing...I could be wrong but it said on the Internet that that is in fact the first signs of impending labor .within 12-24 hours I think they start actual laybor...
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This is normal.  This is a good time to shut her into the room where you have her nesting box and keep her in there. This will reduce chances of her somehow finding a way to get outside (and some cats do).


I hope you are planning to have her spayed when this is over.  She is very young to be having kittens of her own. Please read this article on just some of the benefits of spaying.


Finally, I know you don't know how far along she is, but if at any point you really do think she is 10 weeks, you should take her to see a vet. While cats can handle being a few days overdue and be fine, if they are several days overdue, chances are high enough that something is wrong that a vet should be consulted.

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