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YAY! I got my cat tent today!!

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I was shocked when I walked in & seen the box! I swear I couldn't open it fast enough! So far the cats haven't even sniffed it yet...but I can't wait to see they're reactions to it.

Big thanks to Amy! Thank you so much! I promise to post the pic's of them with it very soon!
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That's so cool! I want to get one for my kitties. But they'll probably fight over it and I'll end up buying three! Let's see it!
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Hi Shell

Glad you got it! I can't wait to see some pics. We will add them to the Kitty Gallery on our site!
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The cats still haven't noticed it yet. Echo & Bud are missing in action...I'm sure they're keeping cool in the basement. Tiki's been running around like a mad woman all night. I finally caught her & shoved her inside. She didn't really know what was going on...she flew outta there so quick! Now she's sniffing I'm hoping that she'll crawl in. I'm just dyin' to take some pic's! I know what'll happen...she crawl in it once I go to bed or when I can't get to the camera!

Thanks again! It's so dang cute!
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It might take them awhile. Maybe stick a kitty treat in there!
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Well...guess what? I've got pictures! They're not good ones though...but they'll do for now. If you want you can use these, but I'm sure I can get better ones at a different time!

Tiki's in love now...something new to hide in! I just threw her favorite jingle ball in there & viola! Poor Bud...he checked it out, but there's no way he could ever fit in it! He's bigger than the tent!

Posing Pretty for the Camera!

Hmm..gotta sniff it out first!

Ok...I'll just take one step inside!

Hey...I can see you!

Bud wants to check it out too...

And finale...the butt shots! LMAO!
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Great pics!!!! I will put it on my to do list to add them to our site, Shell. It might take me awhile but I will get to it.

Gosh, I forgot your boys were 'plus size'......I am glad Tiki can fit inside!!!
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ps. The unit configures a bunch of different ways. If you didn't get instructions or it is not clear let me know. I am thinking one of the other positions might work for Bud?
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Yep Bud is definitely Plus Size! He's usually not big on sleeping in a "bed", so I don't know if he'd use it. Echo might fit...she still hasn't ventured up to see it yet. Tiki is petite & is enjoying it to the fullest! She thinks it's so much fun to hide from Bud & then pounces on him when he's nearby.

I haven't read the instructions yet...I know...why have them if I don't read them, huh? I'll have to try the other ways to see if Bud or Echo will like it.
Thanks again!
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How cute! It looks like Tiki is really enjoying it.
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love the butt shots! LOL!
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That tent is neat.I'd like to have one,but I have 8 cats inside and I would either have to buy 8 or have fighting kitties.LOL.
That Bud of yours is huge.Just curious.How much does he weigh??I thought my kitty was big.
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I have one of those, or something similar. Mine never go inside. I think they tried jumping on it, and it collapsed to one of its different configurations, so they lie on it like a cat lounger, with one side up to lean against. They love it. I have photos on a 35mm camera, I'll scan them when its done.

Oh, Bailey just went over to lie on it while I was typing.
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Cool I wonder if my boys would like something like that

Shell I just love your kitties:
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Great pics - Tiki looks happy with it!
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Cute pics!!
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Great pictures!
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Originally posted by vettechstudent
That Bud of yours is huge.Just curious.How much does he weigh??I thought my kitty was big.
Bud's a very big boy! He's on a diet & is slowly but surely losing weight. The last vet check he weighed in at 28 pounds...way too heavy! Anne, our webmistress, wrote an article that featured him. Here's the link:Is your cat Overweight?

Thanks everyone...Tiki's really digging the new tent! Echo turned her nose up at it & Bud finally came to terms that he can't fit.
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Cool tent! Tiki is soo pretty!!!
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Echo finally decided to give it a shot tonight & I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! She BARELY fits...and I mean barely! I snapped a few shots of her looking so goofy!
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Here's another...
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See...I wasn't kidding about her barely fitting!
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Awww.How cute.Glad she likes it.

28 pounds!Wow,that is a big kitty. He is such a doll though.
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Thanks! Echo isn't as big as Bud, but she's quite a fatty too. She weighs in at almost she has joined her brother with the diet thing!
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