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Poor little Luna!

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My baby just got home from the vet! She is now spayed and micro-chipped! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it was done (I know it's essential to do this unless you're planning on breeding), but she is so pitiful right now! Her eyes are all red and blood-shot (from the Vaseline they put in them to keep them from drying out while she's unconscious and can't blink) and she's just hobbling around and falling over! I have her confined to the bathroom, so she can't use the scratching post or jump on anything and hurt her incision site.

But . . . *sniff* . . . poor thing! I want to pick her up and hug her but I can't! I hope she feels better soon.
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oh, poor sweetie! she will be back to normal soon. I remember when Amber got spayed. she would lay and sleep in the warm sun. she did throw up from the pain meds once towards the end. I just stopped giving them to her and she was fine.

You could let her sleep in your lap. That would make you both feel better!

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Oh poor Luna You did a great think by getting her spayed & microchipped. She will be ok soon. It takes females at least 5 days to fully recover **Hugs**
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Was she just operated on today? Bailey stayed overnight at the vet, so I didn't have to deal with the poor baby immediately afterwards. By the next morning, she was eating, purring, and wanting cuddles, just like usual. A friend told me not to go see her at the vet, it would just make me sad and want to bring her home.
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Yes, she was operated on today. The vet does out-patient surgery for spays unless there are complications. Which is good; I'm sure she'd rather be at home, but it breaks my heart when she looks so sad.
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Viva, I know how you feel. I remember feeling like such a bad Mommy for putting my babies through that pain, but it's for the best. Before you even know it, Luna will be active & getting into everything! So enjoy the relaxing time, but give her lots of loves too!
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Poor little girl. Feel better soon!
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Poor kitty! Well, soon she'll be up and about and back to normal!
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She'll forget about it, soon enough. Rowdy came home, the day that she was spayed, too. She immediately began romping around the house and dragged all of the shredded paper out of the litter box. That is ONE tough cat!
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meow meow went thru that... she was toppling over everything when she came home but that fella is one strong little kitten at that point in time.. she took off all the stitches she had within the day on her own and it freaked me out so much i brought her back to the vet!!
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Oh Viva, I know how you feel. When I picked Spike up from being neutered, he looked SO pitiful. And I felt like the worst mommy in the entire world.

Of course, we all know that it's a good thing you had Luna spayed and microchipped, and she will recover, she just needs a few days. I'm sure she'll be back to her old self in no time.
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sending prayers she heals quickly
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Oh Viva you have done the right thing.

Hugs to you and Viva! Hope she recovers nice and quickly!
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she will be fine, it jsut shows that you are resoponsible and a caring parent, she will be chasing shadows on the wall again before you know it.
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Poor Luna Hope your feel better real soon. Just think Miss Luna you can tease all the boys now and not worry about extra baggage
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Before you know it she will be back to her same old self. I will send get well quick kitty vibes her way!
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