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Bonsai Kittens

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I don't have a link to this website, but would someone tell me if this awful thing is only a joke or are they really putting live kittens inside furniture blocks and selling them online? It said they relax their muscles, glue their butts shut and feed them through a tube but they are trapped and stay small inside the cube forever. Isn't this against the law? What can we do? I am so upset!
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dont worry. just another urban legend.
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good heavens never heard of that one - I hope your right rfox!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Yes it is an urban legend perpetrated by two bored college students who got in a lot of trouble with the F.B.I.

We hope no one will post the link to this website of such bad taste, because all it does is bump them up in the ratings of the search engines.
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When I saw it I emailed every animal rescue group I could find and asked about it. I was assured by all of them that it was just an ugly hoax. I was soooo relieved.
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Why would you even JOKE about something so awful???? Ugh.
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It's a real site, but the pictures are fabricated, not real. The site claims to put kittens in jars and keep them small and make them distorted by keeping them in the jars (and provide directions on how to do it.)

It was first developed by a small group of students at MIT on the schools computers. The university closed their site, but they found another host. The second host eventually threw them out too, but they found a third host who has very clearly stated the site has a permanent home. The site was investigated by various law enforcement agencies, including their local animal control, sheriff and the FBI, but there were no grounds for any charges. The conclusion: the site is in bad taste, but no actual acts of cruelty had ever occurred and so no laws were broken.

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This site has been around for awhile, a couple of years if I remember correctly. Fortunately, is it just a cruel hoax created by some sick minds.
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