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Bummer of a computer question

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I haven't been receiving e-mail notifications on any of the threads I have been posting in. I used to get them by the boat load and now, nothing. I checked my settings and they are correct...as a matter of fact, I never changed them from before.

I thought maybe I clicked "Unsubscribe All" by accident in one of my catsite e-mails... even so, threads that I have posted in recently are still not showing up in my e-mail

Anyway, I ran Norton and Disinfectant and I have no viruses... I updated my IE and my Outlook... My computers are running perfect other than this little problem… I feel like I am locked out of my house, ROTFL!!

Even though I am on a Mac, I still wonder if anyone else had something like this happen?

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I dont know
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Kim this has been happening with quite alot of people and I believe Anne knows.

However I AM getting my notifications!
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Aaaaaaah! Thanks Sammy... Maybe I should e-mail Anne and let her know that I am one of em'.....

(LMAO - Thank you, too Sicy!! Hey! Your graphic didn't show up—that had to be a funny smiley )

*sigh* I'll check back later to see if anyone else replied *double sigh*
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Moving this over to Feedback so Anne will see it.
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Thank you Deb!!!
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This was happening to others, including me a few weeks ago. Anne does know about it, if I remember right all of the 'returned' ones were going to her inbox and she was being flooded out w/ emails!
I'm not sure if the problem was resolved completely or not, but I'll ask her. Or maybe she'll pop in here?
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I am getting them, and I would rather not. I like just coming here and being surprised.
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Thanks Daniela - I do appreciate you asking Anne. LOL, I can't believe how much I miss that feature...

LOL!! krazy kat2 - If you don't want e-mail notification, why don't you turn it off in your "Edit Options" -- ....HEY...Maybe if I turn mine OFF, too, the feature will work again - ROTFL!!

(Seriously, I'm going to try)

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Kim, I'm sorry I'm so late responding - I did get your PM as well and have been meaning to look into it ever since (i.e. check with the VB support forum).

A few weeks ago we did have a problem with emails bouncing because of a problem with server definitions but that has been fixed since. To the best of my knowledge this shouldn't be happening. Can you please check with your ISP to see if they have any anti-spam filters on that might be stopping the TCS messages?
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Hi Anne - Would you believe that 3 days ago I started receiving e-mail notifications again? I went ahead and checked my ISP to see if they have any anti-spam filters on and they don't. Hmmmm... Anyway, I am thrilled everything is working again Thank you for looking into this, Anne!!

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