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Hey y'all I'm back...

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and man does Kairi have some problems! 


Back in november, he had a bladder infection, and when we did an U/S, you could see a sea of crystals in his bladder. He got antibiotics, and felt infinitely better almost immediately. For this I paid 1380.00. Oy.  Fast forward to Easter- In the morning, Kairi was harassing me like normal-the whole "Gimme food, gimme treats, turn on the sink faucet for me, pet me and aren't I grand?" business-- we all know that dance.


We went to my MIL's house and returned around 7pm. The boys got undressed and ready for bed, and I went up to see what was going on, and Kairi was lying on the floor, on some clothes (don't get me started on the lack of laundry habits in this room!) and he looked "off". I brought him downstairs, during which he meowed a horrible meow-he's normally pretty silent, and purry, but this sound was BAD. He drank some water, took a treat, and went to lie down on the recliner. So I figured he probably had run himself ragged, or bruised himself while bouncing off of walls (his version of home alone-he runs amok when he thinks nobody's watching) so I went to bed, I was feeling rather lousy since I've been fighting off an ear infection for 5 months, 4 different a/b's, ear drops, etc...) 


In the morning, I got up around 4am since I had my poor boy on my mind, and he was hanging out on the couch, on a blanket he loves to knead. I just sat with him for awhile and had my coffee, then figured I'd take him to the litter box, since he didn't seem to move and I had a feeling...He went right in, and squatted, he turned this way and that way for about 10 minutes, and nothing came out. Oh Lord. I knew he was blocked. I tried calling the vet around 6am, and the answering machine was off, so i just waited until they opened, and took him right in. they had to emergency catheterize him, relieve the pressure, and I paid 1900.00 for this. The Vet said he had to stay there until Thursday. My son, Joe, who is Kairi's "boy" was beside himself. I had to lie to my husband about the cost, but whatever-he's my baby, and he needs what he needs. 


So, this morning, I called and he's awake and looking good, they still had the catheter in, so I asked if I could come visit him and they said of course I could. So, I picked up Joe from school and we went there. They removed the cath about 15 minutes before we arrived, and Kairi was looking sullen and upset in the corner of the cage. He perked up when he saw Joe and I guess me (probably not) and he went for rubs and groomed himself and drank and ate a little. Then the vet came in and told me he needs to pee on his own, or else he's going to need more surgery. the tech wrote up a quote of 2200.00. I almost fainted. honestly, we should have just done the penis removal yesterday, but I understand that they wanted to try the least invasive procedure first. Now, I still haven't gotten a phone call that he peed on his own, and I'm starting to kind of freak out a little bit. I'd like him to have the surgery, but if it could wait until i have some more money, I'd be eternally grateful to the bladder and urethra Gods. I do have insurance, Thank God, but the check isn't going to come for quite awhile I know. 


So this is my story, I'm slightly losing my mind, and I miss my kitty. 

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Oh, poor baby.  At least you have insurance to defray the cost.  Here's hoping he pees on his own. cross.gif   Welcome back.

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OMG, that's quite an ordeal :/ I am so sorry for your baby and you bawling.gif

About your insurance: My insurance will pay the vet directly if the vet accepts it - all I have to do is fill out a form, give the vet to sign and send it in. That way I am responsible for the deductible and the co-payment only - HUGE help!
Call your insurance and see if they can do that - quite a few can agree.gif

My insurance pays in just a few days, I have direct deposit - If you don't I HIGHLY recommend it agree.gif the processing time it takes for them to cutting the check + mail time adds up when you are waiting for that kind of $$$$..... When I fill in a claim on Monday, my $$$ is in my checking account on Thursday, that is FAST, I think....

Also, make SURE you send all the paperwork in immediately, and if the insurance sends anything to your vet (call the insurance to verify if they did) Call the vet's office to make SURE they received the forms and that they filled them up and sent it back - you want them to move fast as the insurance will only move as fast as your vet's office does. agree.gif You can even offer to stop by and pick up the forms to send them yourself if they'd like - they will notice the urgency when you say that. It is amazing how sometimes they can go for days without even checking their fax machines doh3.gif

Many, many many many, MEGA VIBES for your kitty, and if you haven't yet, just a reminder to cut all the dry food from his diet..... Wet food, and lots and lots of water vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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Thanks. The vet called last night, and Kairi still hadn't peed on his own. I feel like I'm the one in pain. They will do the surgery this morning, but he said he'd call me before they do it. Hopefully overnight he went on his own. Honestly, I'm going to have to go in there and beg that they allow me to pay half next week when my husband gets paid. they don't allow direct insurance payments, and I have to wait with the claim until everything is done.


My head is spinning from the stress. They wouldn't refuse would they? He could die without the surgery. I wish I could crawl into a hole and forget the world. 

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AW hun!!! SO very sorry about Kairi. I am just glad to hear you have insurance. PHEW! I went with the same insurance as Carolina and it is true, they are really fast at getting the checks to us. So hopefully your insurance company will do the same. cross.gif More importantly...... MONSTER vibes for little Kairi this morning for his surgery. Please let us know how he is doing. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifhugs.gifrub.gif
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Sending even more good vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.giffor Kairi. Poor boy and poor you! hugs.gif Hopefully he's all sorted out soon and you can have him home and happy.

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Please update us on your baby vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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WHEW. Well, Kairi reblocked immediately after the catheter was removed, so they had to do the urethrotomy. (This was Wednesday morning) so, I went to visit him yesterday and he was very happy to see me, and purred and head bumped, then he ate and drank. After they removed THAT catheter, he peed on his own! YAY!!  So I picked him up this morning. He was happy to go home, but I feel so bad for him-he's lost alot of weight in the 5 days, and he's so slow moving it's sad. Poor guy isn't even 2 and acts like an old man. It's ok though-his incisions look good, and at one point he seemed to start having pain, so I gave him his pain medicine and now he's just drowsy. He's on 2 different medications, so that's coming up next. 


He's staying in my room-he's sleeping on my bed, but I have a nice soft cat bed for him, with a blanket he loves and his litterbox (which he has used several times already!!) along with his Royal Canin SO diet, which he seems to like, so THAT'S not a fight either!


The vet allowed me to pay half now, then next week I will pay the other half-for a grand total of 4600.00. That's ok though-if Kairi has a long and comfortable life-it's worth every penny and more. The kids feel bad for him, but hopefully he'll perk up soon, and be his old self, minus the "potty issue".


Thanks all for your words of support and good vibes. It means a whole lot to me!!

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So, Kairi hates his meds, but is feeling great. last night he played on my head and then kicked around the litter in the litterbox for awhile. (He loves yesterdays news! I need to use it until he heals, and he thinks it's grand)


His incisions look great, and he's gaining back some weight-he looked rather skinny after a few days in the hospital, so this is good to see. I think i'll keep him confined for a few more days, then he can have freedom in the house while I'm supervising. I just don't want him jumping off of anything like he usually does, because I'm a worry wart!


I've got to upload some pictures of him-he never got huge, he's about 10 pounds, but he's really cute. his fur isn't long but medium length and lays flat-except for his fluffy tail!


Thanks for all the vibes, folks!!

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I am so happy to hear that Kairi is recovering so well. This is a wonderful update and I am sure he will continue to do fine. YES, camera.gif Would love to see some!! wavey.gif
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Been there - a blockage is a really scary situation. It's great that Kairi is doing so much better! vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif for him!
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Originally Posted by Feralvr View Post

I am so happy to hear that Kairi is recovering so well. This is a wonderful update and I am sure he will continue to do fine. YES, camera.gif Would love to see some!! wavey.gif
Ok, here's a few pics from the past few months...tedadeqy.jpg

I take so many pictures of him he's so photogenic!!
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clap.gifclap.gifclap.gifclap.gif What a little character and OH SO CUTE!!! Look at that fluffy tail too. AWWWWW thanks for sharing. I do hope he is feeling better today and continues to stay healthy. cross.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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I just wanted to update everyone on Kairi's health and progress....



He's PERFECT! His hair is growing long, he's getting fatter and peeing like a champ! He "leaks" a little every once and a while, but after his "procedure" I'm ecstatic with the results. 


He's back to harassing all of us at any sink we approach, and is Mr. "Pet me now or I WILL meow until you submit" again. 


He is on Royal Canin SO dry for the rest of his life, since we tried to wean him off and he started not feeling well, so heck-it's just food, right? (Expensive food, but who cares at this point?)


Thank you all for your support during his illness. :heart4:

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clap.gifclap.gifclap.gif That's good to hear. The main thing is that the food works for him.
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