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Snickers is like a water balloon LOL

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We have one cat that is always gurgeling. It's like she is nothing but liquid inside of her. We feed her dry food but . . . .

Is this a problem? She's been this way for a few years and her weight is pretty constant. Is this a problem I should worry about? It's like her digestive track is always working. She'll jump on our bed and gurgel all night.

Comments? opinions?
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That's weird! Have you told the vet about it?
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i don't know as I would be laughing about it. Instead, I would be calling a vet and asking a professional about it and getting the cat in to be checked.
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Were these posts edited? I didn't see anything about overweight....

Just the sounds of a sloshy tummy. Maybe the kitty just drinks alot of water. I know when I drink the recomended amount of water I slosh a bit too!
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DragonLady - nope - not overweight, just, as you say - sloshy. Her stools are hard and HUGE (human like). She eats eucanuba(sp) and I swear a poop that big can not come out of a cat that small!
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It could possibly be that she has troube digesting the brand of food you are feeding. Have you tried switching to another brand?
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Yup, big ol' stools are usually a sign that the food has too much extra stuff that the cat can't use (usually grain fillers), so you might try a different brand. I can personally vouch for Innova and Solid Gold; all high quality ingredients that result in smaller, less smelly poops. I don't know that this has anything to do with the sloshiness, but it couldn't hurt.
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geez - I thought we were buying the best food available with Eucunaba. I know many breeders (dog) that swear buy it - BUT - we might try doing that as they are real low in the bag.
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There are better cat food out there, such as:
Royal Canin, Felidae, Nutro Natural Choice (I personally feed that one), Innova, Wellness - I am sure that there are others that I havent listed.
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My loki who has food allergies can't handle corn, wheat, dairy etc. does wonderfully on Life's Abundance.

In case you are interested here is the web site:

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