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I thought I'd share some good news -- the BigFoot cat tree from is going to be part of the storyline on tonight's (Tues 9/23) episode of Beverly Hills Vet on Animal Planet!

It is suppose to be a cat who is 'overly affectionate' (go figure) and the cat tree is one of the things the vet recommends. Should be interesting!

Also, a couple of our products will be featured on the 10/2/03 episode of a new talk show called 'Living it Up with Ali and Jack'. I've never heard of it, but apparently it is nationally syndicated by Kingworld. This show will be doing some kind of room makeover, and they will be using our Kitty Kat Bed and Cheddar Kitty Cottage as part of the new room.

Here is what Animal Planet says about tonight's show....

Matt Moreau is many things: an expert falconer, a stay-at-home dad with his two girls and the owner of 31 pets, including Dolly the llama. At the age of 2, Dolly has developed the terrible habit of spitting on everyone, well, within spitting distance! Meanwhile, Mimi the cat seems to be stuck to her owner, Julie, like glue. Which doesn't seem like such a bad thing, except that Julie, who works at home, can't get a thing done because her cat needs constant attention. Julie is willing to try anything, including pet hypnotherapy, as Katrina witnesses firsthand. Will the pet hypnotherapist get to the bottom of Mimi's clinginess or will the Beverly Hills Vet? Finally, it's dog meets hog, as Speedbump the Pomeranian needs a safe way to saddle up on a Harley with his owners.
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Cool! Congrats on the exposure!!!!
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Amy that is great!
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Oh wow, that's so cool!
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Did anyone watch this show? Besides our cat tree being on it (yay!), I thought the show was pretty cute in general. I hadn't watched it before.

They had a pet hypnotherapist for the cat, and they had the cutest motorcycle riding Pomeranian, and a story about a spitting llama that had a happy ending.
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I love the bigfoot. It was my second wedding ann. present this year. Neo had a little trouble getting down from the top because he is a big kitty but he figured it out. I'm so happy I found it on ebay, I spent way more then my hubby thinks though And I told him I got the small post i bought with it for free
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I saw it! The tree looked great!!!!
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raising my hand- the tree was impressive!
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I don't get Aminal Planet, but congrats on the feature!
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Thanks for letting us know!
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Congratulations on the exposure! Wish I had cable to see it.

Can anyone tell me what they did for the 'overly affectionate' cat?
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I would have watched it, but I don't have Animal Planet. I am sure it was a great show though! (anyone have it on tape?)
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