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Iams Animal Cruelty

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Today PETA "unleashed its dogs" in a colorful demonstration at the
headquarters of the companion animal food company IAMS in Dayton, Ohio,
thereby launching our international campaign against the company. Our
decision to wage this campaign comes after years of failed negotiations to
convince IAMS to make even the slightest improvements in the lives of the
dogs and cats in its laboratory tests and in the wake of two shocking
undercover investigations in the U.S. and Austria. What our video captured
would outrage anyone with a heart: dogs gone crazy from confinement in
barren steel and cement cells without even a toy or a resting board off the
cold, hard floor-some for six years at a time; sick dogs languishing for
weeks and dying without veterinary care; dogs sweltering in the summer and
shivering in the winter in kennels that weren't temperature controlled; dogs
lying piled on a paint-chipped floor after having huge chunks of muscle cut
out of their thighs. All this misery takes place so that IAMS can slap new
claims on its products, calling them "new and improved."

IAMS lied to PETA repeatedly with promises to improve living conditions for
the dogs in contract laboratories. Even while our investigator could see
dogs spinning wildly in their cages, dogs suffering from illness, lonely and
afraid, IAMS claimed that all was well. Our video shows IAMS representatives
touring the laboratory, feeling the sweltering heat and watching dogs
circling in window-less, dungeon-like buildings. And yet these IAMS
representatives did nothing to help the suffering animals.

IAMS even severed the vocal chords of its dogs because the experimenters
were irritated by their desperate cries for attention. It's time to say
"Enough is enough" and show Iams what real irritation can be. We will soon
have opportunities for activists all over the world to organize
demonstrations and participate in other, non-confrontational activities for
the campaign.

IAMS claims to be a leader in the industry. We're asking the company to act
like it. As a major food producer, its pioneering choice to end laboratory
testing on animals would serve as an example of progress in the industry and
would begin a truly "new and improved" era in pet food, not just a minor
change at the animals' expense.

For more information, please visit IamsCruelty.com. Please contact me if
you are interested in joining our campaign to end IAMS cruel testing on dogs
and cats in laboratories.

[This was taken from PAAN, and if you are interested in helping, let me know, and I will let those in charge of the campaign know.]
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What I don't understand is : What has a sick and uncared dog to do with food ??? And there are some other sad things you said what make no sence (sp) to me at all . All that suffering of animals for food ? I sure wont buy any more IAMS what so ever . I have got some can food sometimes , be sure nobody will see those any more in my house .
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This is sort of "old hat". I wrote to Iams back in March or April about Peta's claims, and this is the reply I got. They've also been sending me follow-up reports.

"On behalf of Iams president, Jeffrey P. Ansell, thank you for sharing your feelings with us. I’m glad you wrote because it gives me the chance to update you on the events that inspired your message.

On March 25, we learned that nutritional studies being conducted for us at an independent facility in the U.S. may have violated our company’s strict research policy. On March 26, we completed an unannounced visit of the facility to review procedures and ensure the well-being of dogs and cats at the site. Then on March 27, we made the decision to end all research activities with this facility.

We moved quickly following the visit to the research facility. Although the facility recently passed government inspections (USDA, FDA and the Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care), it did not meet our high standards for dog and cat care. As Jeff Ansell has stated, “We believe our research policy represents industry-leading standards of care. These standards are high and they must be met.â€

We worked with the facility to relocate 19 metabolism study dogs to an Iams-owned facility where they will be well cared for and placed in our pet adoption program. In addition, we have launched a full and immediate review of all independent research facilities used by Iams for our pet nutrition studies.

We conduct and sponsor research designed to advance scientific understanding of how superior nutrition can enhance pet health and well-being. We only conduct research with dogs and cats that is equivalent to nutritional or medical studies acceptable on people. We make our decisions based on the well-being of the dogs and cats, and based on compliance with our research policy.

If you would like to read about our research policy in more detail, it is posted on our website at: http://www.iams.com/en_US/jhtmls/faq...&pagetypeid=FQ (or go to www.iamsco.com and access this document through the horizontal navigation bar by clicking onto News/Stories.)

We are deeply committed to dog and cat well-being and our research policy reflects that.

Thank you again for contacting us with your feedback, and for giving us the opportunity to respond. I hope our actions detailed in this message have convinced you that we are worthy of your trust. If you have further questions or concerns, please write back to me. We will also be updating the information on our company web site at www.iamsco.com, when we have more to report.


Cindy Achor

Group Manager

Iams Consumer Care"
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So it is... Forgive me. I only received the information yesterday and passed it on. I do have some more information to add to your letter as someone else in PAAN had received it in reply to their e-mail.
In addition, we worked with the facility to relocate Fifi, Maisy, Mickey, and the 16 other dogs to an Iams animal care center. We have an established program for socialization and employee adoption that will give these dogs the opportunity for a successful transition to a family.

On April 10, we met with PETA to look over the facts and to share our plan for the review of our contract research facilities.

We have now completed comprehensive reviews of all external facilities involved in dog and cat nutritional studies for Iams. This was a major effort which included Iams researchers, P&G veterinarians, non-technical Iams employees who served as the "eyes and ears" of our consumers, and where possible,
independent animal welfare experts.

All of the facilities reviewed comply with government regulations, and the health of the dogs and cats is not at risk. However, we've decided to consolidate our nutritional studies at fewer contract facilities, and we will focus more on the implementation of our high standards for dog and cat care.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we have established an International Animal Care Advisory Board to evaluate our industry-leading research policy and advise us on new research alternatives that provide for advanced levels of dog and cat care.

The Iams International Animal Care Advisory Board, an independent group, currently consists of seven members, representing various disciplines and fields of study, including veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, behavior, welfare,
and ethics. They are:

* Mr. Michael Arms of the Helen Woodward Animal Center (a leading California-based shelter and adoption facility).

* Dr. Kathryn Bayne of the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).

* Rev. Kenneth Boyd, a professor of Medical Ethics at Edinburgh University Medical School, and a research director of the Institute of Medical Ethics, Edinburgh, Scotland.

* Dr. Stephen Hansen of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

* Dr. Robert Hubrecht of The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW).

* Dr. Irene Rochlitz, an independent veterinary consultant in feline welfare, Cambridge, England.

* Dr. Andrew Rowan of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The Advisory Board's first task will be to conduct a comprehensive review of The Iams Company research policy and steps taken to implement that policy since it
was last updated in June 2002. The Board will also establish a series of next steps and recommendations. In addition to work with our Board members, we are actively seeking the perspective of other animal welfare consultants.

The formation of this board was a top priority for us and a major step in our continued efforts to enhance the health and well-being of dogs and cats around the world. While we already have an industry-leading policy on nutritional studies - which requires that our research be equivalent to nutritional and
medical studies acceptable on people - we believe even more can be done.
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I dislike peta greatly. Anything that they are doing is more then likly just to create more drama. They could be doing so much good, they need to learn to pick there battle better and maybe try being silent heros for a change.
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I agree with you. I don't like PETA either. I posted this because it was brought up in the group and as being a Representative, its part my responsibility to get the word out.
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Animals need far more advocates, so don't kick yourself. Anybody reading this thread is now aware that, 1) there was a problem at IAMS' research facilities, and 2) they have to take PETA's claims with a grain of salt. There's nothing wrong with that. I posted that email because this subject periodically pops up on other (European)forums, and most people, for understandable reasons, react very emotionally, as I did when I first read PETA's claims. Now, what can be done for battery hens?
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I saw the video, on the web.
I had read something about the claim of cruelty on a dog site,
The video was disturbing to say the least.
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Thanks for info.
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Ouch, all these while I have been feeding my fur baby with IAMS !!!
What do we do ? Should we stop buying the product till the company settled the cruelty ???
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