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I'm new and could use some advice

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you'll have to excuse my long post, I have a lot of questions!

In May I adopted two 7 week old kittens which i named Jack and Will. They're from the same litter and have always been very close, curling up together, Jack licking Will, and they got along very well. They sometimes come in during the daytime and sleep on one of the beds, and they always go out at night.

Friday a kitten was found nearby the school my son goes to everyday. The kitten had been hogtied with some rope and was in the middle of the road. We dont know what he went through before that, but the person who found him was a 7th grader and she brought him inside where she and several other kids began crowding around him and passing him around. He was real scared. There was a lot of yelling because they were fighting over him, and then a big fight broke out. A boy pushed another girl, and she fell, hyperexstending and spraining her wrist. The room cleared out and the cat was given to my son, Henry. The cat took an instant liking to him and curled up in his lap and calmed down, even started purring. However, the girl who found the cat came back from him, promising to take him to the vet. We checked and the cat was there, in good health other than being a little skinny. We brought the cat home Saturday.

Now, the kitten, now named Joey Joe Joe (Joey) is kind of spooked but not real bad for what he's been through. He does like to be held and cuddled often. He's usually pretty freindly but certain types of people scare him, or he'll get scared if we approach him wrong and he'll run away. Will he out grow this or will it probably be a part of him for his whole life?

Also, he seems to be eating quite a bit more than our other cats did (to my memory anyway). Since he's a little malnurished, will he need to eat more to catch up?

When we brought him home at first, neither Jack nor Will wanted much to do with him, but Will, who is the bigger of the two and I'm guessing the alpha cat, seems to be pretty acceptant of Joey. He and Joey have been racing around the house wrestling and kind of sniffing at each other, checking each other out. He even lets Joey lick him and lay with him. They do kind of bite and stuff but they dont seem to be hurting each other. Are they most likely fighting or just playing and checking each other out?

Also, Jack has a real problem with us bringing Joey home. The first time he saw Joey he began hissing and swatting at him. This has kept up everytime Joey comes near him. Then tonight, my son picked up Jack and brought him over to Will to say "goodnight" since he was going to take Jack out so Jack would stop fighting with Joey. When Henry put Jack nearby Will, Jack started hissing and even swatted at his brother. Then, Will ran away and began playing with Joey. When Jack saw this, he got even more upset. He began growling and hissing like crazy. Is he jealous of Joey? Did he react to Will like that because he smelled Joey on Will? What can we do to help them to get along better?

Again, sorry for the length, i just had a lot of burning questions!
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It is not a good idea to place cats together without a month of slow introductions. For now seperate the new kitten to a safe room with a litter box and food/water. Allow the kitties to sniff each other under the door. Place a drop of vanilla under the chin and at the base of the tail of all the cats.

Take a blanket the new kitten sleeps on and let the other two sniff it and bring in a blanket the other two have slept on. Rub the kitties with each others blankets.

Did the vet de-worn the new kitten? Has he been checked for FLV or other contagious diseases? Has it been treated for fleas?

Always allow your kitten to have a safe place. Never take your kitty from this spot if it is hiding there. He needs a place to decompress and relax. If you force attention on the kitten while it is trying to calm down it will see you as an enemy and panic. Everyone should have a place like this in the house.

Also you should have about three litterboxes. Some kitties like to have a box for themselves. Others will pee in one and eliminate in another.
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DragonLady gave some good advice and all I wanted to add was to please get them neutered before too long,or you will have a lot of problems out of them with fighting,spraying,etc..
Good luck.
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How can people be so cruel!! To hog tie a kitten in the middle of a road? My god. It is nice of you to save this kitten, I hope they all do well together soon. I agree that a vet check is very important for him.
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First of all, welcome! And kudos to you for taking care of these wonderful cats!

I am not an expert, but as far as the new kitten being spooked and scared goes, I would guess he will settle down in time now that he is in a stable and loving environment. I just adopted my cat (a full grown stray that we found starving a couple of months ago), and he was very nervous and scared for the first few days. In fact, he wouldn't come out from under the bed for several hours when we first brought him in. He has relaxed tremendously, and even will play from time to time now. Joe Joe has only been there for a couple of days, and he has a whole lot of new people and animals to get used to (not to mention who knows what he went through before you found him), which will most likely take some time.

It also doesn't surprise me that he's eating a lot if he is malnourished - he's got to make up for being underweight as well as eat enough to continue to grow. Simba has been putting on weight for 2 months now and still eats quite a bit, and he is full-grown already. He has been eating soft food twice a day, as well as hard food in-between.

Again, I'm so glad you took Joe Joe in, and welcome!
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