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Mama cat keeps moving her kittens

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My mother cat keeps wanting to move her kittens.  Yesterday she moved them out of the closet from her box to my bed.  She shoved off all the covers then started bringing them to my bed.  I helped her get them there since this seemed to be where she wanted to go.  I then set up a bigger box for her right on my bed.  She was happy for about 24 hours, now  today again she was trying to move them from the box on the bed to under my covers still on my bed.  I am worried they will get chilled.  The temp in my room is 78 degrees.  I work with w breeder who I have tried to call twice and she has not answered so I came to you guys. 

fyi. she never really liked her spot in the closet to begin with even during labor she wanted to get to the very very back corner of my closet which she had chosen the week before but I had closed it off after realizing she wanted to go there so much.  I feel this may be a contributing factor.  

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Why cant you let her be in her chosen deep corner?


Otherwise, you can perhaps rig up something on your bed?  Not convenient for you, but if it works for her?

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78 F is 26 Celsius, it is rather warm in your room, no?  No way it will be too cold for them, especielly not if the mom is with them.   :)   So dont worry they will get chilled because the nest isnt perfect just so.



Good luck!

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Her chosen corner is in the back of a very long skinny closet. This closet has no lights and I was concerned about being able to make sure everyone was nursing and having to get them out for daily weights. Thanks for the encouragement.
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Just use a small light to check on them my cats chosen spot is the corner of my bed. I actually put her spot there she didn't argue at all with moving them unless we took them out and set them down to do something in her box (clean it) then she picks it up and puts it back in the box and its like you need to stop you can have the box back in an hour or so. B ut she wants to be a good mom and keep her baby safe. I love being a new grandma (my grandma called me that cause my cat looks at me like can I have permission so I just go by mommy to the cat)
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Happy as can be in a box on my bed. I love my girl!
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That's good how are they doing?
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Hi Tabbymommy, they are doing great. Have gained 12+ grams a day. One big guy gained 22grams over the last 24 hours. Mom moved her kittens again. This has been the only anxious thing for me. But I am learning to relax and go with the flow. They are now in the closet. She has moved them every 24 hours. This last time I went downstairs for breakfast and after i went back to my room to check on them and there was a kitten on my bed, one on the floor, one in the closet on the floor and two in the box she had moved them from. Mama and I went around the room and moved them to her chosen spot in the closet so they would all be together. Needless to say I peek at them often just to make sure one is not stranded somewhere. :-) where do all of you keep your birthing queens?
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Honestly I am keeping Tabby and Tigger both(named the kitten today) and this is my first real experiance with having to watch and hear a kitten grow up and I never had a cat be pregnant except the strays out back that love us. We didn't even know our cat was pregnant cause she came to us pregnant. So I wouldn't know about anyone else but me personally I don't want her having anymore so we are getting them both spayed/nuetered at the same time so that they don't have one bugging the other while trying to heal.
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Get the mother neutered as soon as your vet will - don't delay until the kitten is old enough.  It's not in her best interest to have any more calls (heats) that later neutering might lead to, and if she gives you the slip she will come home on her way to another pregnancy.


I've seen cats that have had a section happily nursing their kittens, don't worry about it. 

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Tabby ain't getting out cause she won't get lost around here or hit by a car cause I don't like cats outside and we don't really go out much and she is somewhat afraid of the doors all she does is stair waiting as if something is going to come in and get her.
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