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Normal Results That is great news! We will all give you the boost you need to get to the Yoga classes
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Phew! I'm so relieved and happy for you!!
Best wishes to you in your pursuit of relaxation. Yoga is a great start. Walking is also very good. . . . as is massage. . . listening to relaxation tapes. . . . sometimes medicine to help with anxiety (maybe you can ask your doctor). Maybe you are not getting a restful night's sleep? Sleep deprivation can aggravate the symptoms.

Thanks for getting back to us with an update !!
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Thank goodness for the good results!

I feel so much better when doing yoga regularly - I think it helps for so many things. Hopefully it will help you feel better too!

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Glad to hear your tests were normal. Yoga is such a great way to relax and tune in to your body.
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I'm so glad it's not serious!

If the nerve tension is coming from muscle pressure, you might want to try to find a massage therapist skilled in myofascial release. I've been having trouble for a while now, and finally found a good one - sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable & I'll be sore after a session, but it really makes a difference, rather than the temporary feel-good of a regular massage.

Relaxation and meditation can help make you more aware of your body, so you know when to rest, and can respect your limits, in addition to improving your posture.

There's a lady in Canada who does something called Classical Stretch that's GREAT for loosening up a tight upper body, and correcting your posture from hours of computing. www.classicalstretch.com
Her shows air on some public television stations.

I don't know if your problems are related to repetitive strain, but this is a great website resource for that: www.rsiprogram.com

I hope you're better soon!
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Great to hear the positive results.
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well that is great news . I am happy it was nothing els .
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Pollyanna, that is GREAT news! I am so glad to hear it. Woohoo! Yup, you'll have to schedule more yoga classes.
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Pollyanna this is the first time I've seen this post and when I read it from beginning to end I must say that I was terribly worried for you. Then I read the results and I breathed a sigh of relief. It could have been anything Neurological and those tests can be scary but they are so very helpful.

I'm glad to hear that your Dr. has suggested Yoga and that you're going to try harder to get your butt to class. I don't know if you've ever heard of Tai Chi but it's also an excellent way to relax and tone your muscles. It's also very beautiful to watch as it's a series of moves that look like a ballet. See if they have any Tai Chi classes where you live I think that you will really like them!

I'm glad that you're alright!
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I am so glad to hear that! Whew!!!!
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That's excellent news girl!

Yoga, Hmmmm I wouldn't do it myself but it looks interesting!
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I am so glad everything went well for you. Hopeful the Yoga will help
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Speaking of yoga, there is this guy at my gym who does yoga and boy is he amazing. I sit there at my weight machine that I am on gaping at him, he is so flexible and so lovely to watch. I wish I could be that flexible lol
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